netpipe April 19, 2018

EurekAlert! – Breaking News – Scientists identify 170 potential lung cancer drug targets using unique cellular library – latest science and technology news stories – ‘Rockoons’ may soon make launching satellites into space more accessible – latest science and technology news stories – Scientists breed bacteria that make tiny high-energy carbon rings – latest science and technology news stories – New patented technology removes phosphorus from manure – latest science and technology news stories – Engineers build smallest volume, most efficient wireless nerve stimulator – latest science and technology news stories – Robust and inexpensive catalysts for hydrogen production – latest science and technology news stories – Deep learning transforms smartphone microscopes into laboratory-grade devices – latest science and technology news stories – ‘Everything-repellent’ coating could kidproof phones, homes – latest science and technology news stories – Thin film converts heat from electronics into energy – latest science and technology news stories – Improved method of delivering anti-cancer drugs – latest science and technology news stories – With smart cities, your every step will be recorded – latest science and technology news stories – Musk says that SpaceX will use a giant party balloon to bring an upper stage back – latest science and technology news stories – Spider silk key to new bone-fixing composite – latest science and technology news stories – Homemade microscope reveals how a cancer-causing virus clings to our DNA – latest science and technology news stories – Virtually modelling the human brain in a computer

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Non-toxic filamentous virus helps quickly dissipate heat generated by electronic devices

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Tiny injectable sensor could provide unobtrusive, long-term alcohol monitoring

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – New era of precision antimatter studies

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Atlantic Ocean circulation at weakest point in more than 1,500 years

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Nanoscale coating enables solar cells to absorb 20 percent more sunlight

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Quantum physicists achieve entanglement record

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – New way to fight HIV transmission

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Moss capable of removing arsenic from drinking water discovered

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Researchers have placed an electron in a dual state — neither freed nor bound — thus confirming a hypothesis from the 1970s

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Machine-learning system processes sounds like humans do

Engadget – A temporary tattoo may be able to track your alcohol levels

Engadget – Hyperloop TT begins construction of its first test track

Engadget – Google AI experiment has you talking to books

Hacker News – The AI Revolution Hasn’t Happened Yet

The Register – It’s back! Encryption backdoor legislation prepped in US by Dems

Slashdot – Humans Produce New Brain Cells Throughout Their Lives, Say Researchers

Slashdot – Canada Has Pulled Off a Brain Heist

Slashdot – SpaceX Can’t Broadcast Earth Images Because of a Murky License

Slashdot – Center of the Milky Way Has Thousands of Black Holes, Study Shows

Slashdot – Torvalds Opposes Tying UEFI Secure Boot to Kernel Lockdown Mode

Slashdot – Japan Could Have More Than 3 Million Cryptocurrency Traders

Slashdot – AMD Releases Spectre v2 Microcode Updates for CPUs Going Back To 2011

Slashdot – A Wanted Man in China Has Been Caught Because of Facial Recognition Software

Slashdot – Cops Around the Country Can Now Unlock iPhones, Records Show

Slashdot – FDA Wants Medical Devices To Have Mandatory Built-In Update Mechanisms

New Scientist – – New Scientist – A virtual reality hand feels real after a zap to your brain

New Scientist – – New Scientist – NASA has launched a new space telescope to hunt for exoplanets

New Scientist – – New Scientist – Plants love carbon dioxide, but too much could be bad for them Accelerating Intelligence News – DARPA-funded prosthetic memory system successful in humans, study finds Accelerating Intelligence News – Are you ready for atom-thin, ‘invisible’ displays everywhere?

Nano Patents and Innovations – Solar Tornadoes Don’t Rotate After All

Nano Patents and Innovations – Army A.I. Recognizes Your Face Even in the Dark with Thermal Imaging – Sawdust Used To Make Stronger, More Durable Concrete – Researchers Accidentally Create Superior Plastic-Degrading Enzyme

Next Big Future – $4.5 billion valuation for China’s AI company SenseTime

Next Big Future – Google AI staff balk at helping US military keep AI lead over China

Green Car Congress – Idaho National Laboratory low-energy electrochemical process could eliminate need for steam cracking of hydrocarbons

Green Car Congress – NUS-led research team develops cost-effective technique for mass production of high-quality graphene; 50x less solvent

Ars Technica – Doctors tried to lower $148K cancer drug cost; makers triple price of pill

Hack a Day – Build Your Own Supercomputer with ESP32s

Ars Technica – Intel, Microsoft to use GPU to scan memory for malware

Ars Technica – Bitcoin heist suspect reportedly walked out of low-security prison, onto flight

Hacker News – U.S. Launches Attacks on Syria

Hack a Day – Audio Hacking With The ESP8266

Hack a Day – Hybrid 3D-Printer Creates Complete Circuits, Case and All

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