Smoking / Vaping

vape Section at the bottom, choose VUSE. seems to be ready in my opinion i had no issues vaping these.

be careful when buying smokes from places that have hand sanitizer or mop their flors with too much mr clean. also dont buy chocolate bars that are in the checkout isle by the feet bread can also be an issue smell the bag before buying.

weed prices used to be 220 per oz $7 per gram sometimes 150 dollar ounces before it was legal. for a moderate smoker you’ll probably be going through an oz each month 24 grams, buying half gram single preroll joints you’ll pay as much for packaging as you do the weed so be sure to price stuff accordingly. also good to check for new delivery days so you can get products fresher. (some locations are in stupid spots like across from welding shops (radioactive fumes sometimes). after supply and demand has settled weed prices will probably be around 3-5 dollars per gram being around $100 per OZ for top quality weed. (only takes 3 months to grow) in a field a round bail of weed can be bailed for 80-100 dollars each. Accessories page for Cannabis remember to clean the bong / bowl out regularly with hot water and some pipe cleaners. opiates can get into the weed and contaminate whole bong. you can usually tell if you sweat from a smelling the weed around the nose and mustache area CBD might do that aswell im not sure. also good tip is not to breathe in the flint smell from sparking lighter a few times near a bowl for better taste.

Growing and Cannabis vitamin A


ZIGZAGs  be sure when buying from gas station remove top 2 papers and then taste one to see if it tastes like paper or numb even before paying. also it is very easy to wreck a whole pack by leaving them in the wrong spots. i’ve had packs turn unsmokable in 2 days. (numb taste)

these work for storing herb and tobacco in(wash with warm water first then hot small ammount of handsoap) I seen a bit of lead/grease looking stuff on inside and out might have a bit of numb taste to it so put into a ziplock bag,glass jar with all metal, all glass or all wood lid might work better.(dont use old pickling jars either the extreme heat may trap in some of the vinigar)(lead causes sweating if you have a mustash when you smoke). both canisters pretty much hold a whole pouch.

If cigarette companies want a way to sell higher quality product with esmokes around they would make a roll your own kit in a metal/glass airtight sealed container. couple pouches of tobacco 2-6 pouches some zigzag papers,rolling machine and non plastic tar tips and metal/glass containers to store it in.


heavy smokers usually have enough nicotine in them to last a week and still have lots. have even read that maggots wont eat their bodys. a way to not crave a smoke would be to get someone to vape all over your work area but beware it will get into things like drinking water and other smokables just being near the area. also sour ticktacks help curb the craving.


I recently discovered White Widow cannabis has Anti-Cigarette qualities to it makes great work weed aswell.

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Dont smoke chronically if you can help it. (it alters your perception of time and makes doing high function learning things harder) the perks are reduced stress and increased mood.


great way to reduce smoking + have better quality smoke is to keep the smokes in a jar, place them in from a store you like then rip off the ends and store. this reduced my smoking from 1 pack to less than half a pack a day. change water regularly if the smoke does not taste proper for better hits..

    Drawbacks of smoking include reduced memory, yellow teeth(dead teeth you can feel the roots twisting and empty tooth feeling), yellow fingers, reduced lifespan, increased cancer risk, skin irritation (around the kidneys and liver), and COPD(fluid in the lungs). if you can promise yourself never to start cigarettes you’ll likely be wealthier in life if you dont choose industry hazardous jobs like welder helper or pavers.

A good way to quit smoking, switch to Dumarier(mileage varies some cartons are crap) or roll your own, all natural or additive-free smokes because they usually have less chemicals in them or switch to e-smoke with 4%-6% nicotine. I bought a bad carton of Dumarurier. some of the smokes were so strong they tasted like capone cigar’s. too strong even for mouth only puffs. band-aid smell or munchies can curve cravings for smoking if you’re trying to beat the urge.also becareful if you have a bandaid on around a jar of tobacco medical smells can wreck it.

way to smoke less cigarettes would be to combine tobacco with weed in a bong and have only one puff when the urge hits. (supposedly its worse than just smoking but its far less so i dont see how it can be)The best way when you are ready to quit go cold turkey or switch to a bong rip of weed instead when you get the urge(might help to be a seasoned smoker) then quit weed when you are ready.

Another way is to  forgo the first morning smoke after you’ve had not many the night before. hard part will be first 3 hours when you wake up, then 3 days, then 3 weeks then 3 months(each stage getting easier, being able to sleep alot can help alot too for the first part) I have quit 2 times for half a year using this method, If you can put up with all that then just promise yourself to never have another one even though they smell really good. Stay away from people who do smoke or do drugs until you’ve quit for years and also cut out any kind of alcohol drinking. thats usually when the tendency can get you (there’s really not many reason for I’ll just have one instances if you’re an x-smoker) ( fentanyl in your house or vehicle can unknowingly cause smoking too).

    There are smoke timers for your desktop that can help you reduce use aswell and keep track of cost savings / estimated costs / health. QSatisfy on github is the one i made

also exercise is a big help , do half hour runs on the treadmill after vaping to lessen the energetic effects of the juice. when a smoke craving hits sometimes its a stomach movement coming like a growl. its good to drink water and move around if your not sure why you wanted a smoke specially when sitting.


About cigarettes

Cigarette Brands – with pre-rolleds I’ve had issues with brands of smokes. some burn black or taste weird. (not even from a gas station either)

Best way to get fresh smokes is rolling your own. you can pick out the bitter numbing stems that way ( soft white stems moldy leafs) . just guessing but it might be nice to get half years worth of pouches at once if you find a really good batch from a consistent source, buy a whole bunch(not sure how many are in one yet)  (buy 2 packs from random spots in a box or crate full before buying the whole thing) try rolling a smoke from the two packs near the bottom where the plastic is thinner then go back for the box. when you get the box and put it somewhere safe in airtight glass or a wood box that does not stink too much it would get on the cellophane.

there has to be a way to get a good blend of tobacco uniform cartons and packs, even one bad smoke with stems in a pack can wreck the whole thing after sitting on shelfs for months or years.  worst part about crappy smokes is you smoke more of them because the body does not know how to guess at when its most satisfied.

  • john players – had bad smokes.
  • Dumarurier – I like they seal the packages the best, but they are inconsistent because the tobacco was too strong during 2018.
  • Number 7 – Red’s used to be all I would buy now the packs are very inconsistent and even the silver top packaging is looking cheep. The blues are usually good when the reds are too strong or when they give you bottom of the barrel tobacco with lots of strange leafs and stems.
  • Palm all – not very tasty and hard on the lungs
  • American Sperit – addative free cigarettes. they are really nice when you find a good pack but the tobacco is inconsistent from one to the next. i’ve found some bad ones too that make everything numb and hard to breathe. the blue packs are very strong and not recommended unless you like to smoke just a little in a bong or something or mouth only hits. not sure if they use a sugar leaf or some kind of sugar spray but the tobacco is very tasty and sweet. would not buy another carton but i may try a pack again in a few years. very strange looking tobacco too its kinda stringy and hard, would be hard to find stems if there were any in it if they sell pouches.

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Tobacco that has too many chemicals

  • next gold ( horrible chemical issues things that make your teeth twist )
  • macdonalds – horrible chemical feeling even from dry puff (should be banned)
  • viceroy – too much chemicals, i took a dry drag without lighting it and started shaking.


A great tip is to blow the first puff into the smoke to get rid of any stale air. taste the smoke(unlit drag) to make sure its not too numby(chemicals maybe oversprayed or strong tobacco sometimes stems or stem dust) if it tastes ok take a puff into the mouth taste it, then blow on the end of the cigarette if its still the first puff to keep it going better. if all seems well then puff second or third hit to the lungs.dry tobacco tastes like it smells when you have a dry drag should not numb the mouth or teeth much(easy way to check tobacco quality) if you dont know that to look for try rolling your own.

    Things to watch for (salty taste(grown by the ocean), too much numb taste(old smokes / bad environment like gas stations, drug stores, ecig shops, forrest fires) also mr clean taste , if the smoke stinks you possibly smoked a chunk of stem ) if at anytime you get a numb mouth / tongue don’t be cheep put the bad ones out or throw the pack out if you hit a stem the smoke is wrecked.

    Watch for packs of smokes with one side being contaminated usually seems to be the right side. might have been the way they were stored or randomly sorted/mixed repackaged and contaminated other smokes over time by proximity (usually a numb taste). Very old packages of smokes may taste stranger from the aluminum and cellophane wrappers aswell but its usually not a non issue. also cigarettes should have manufacture date stamped on the cartons or packages too!

Vending Machines

it would be nice to see vending machines with positive air supply to keep cartons in the best shape possible. maybe there is a certain time of the year its best to buy a year’s supply.

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Owning Tobacco Store Tips

  • dont carry ecigs when selling tobacco – 18% nicotine mix can contaminate other products just by ventilation. plus it should not really be available to purchase at that level of nicotine 4-8% is plenty.
  • when mopping use very weak mr clean mix.
  • dont keep floor mats or rugs around incase someone tracks in fentanyl
  • dont keep your smokes in the same area as a drug store
  • no perfume or just use pitstick



ECIG Vaping


Maybe in the future there will be rollable material alternatives for tobacco or some ultrasonic mister delivery system with simple water vapor.

    Wanted to touch on something i recently began playing with. Vaporizers and what you should know. I am really sensitive to VG / PG and nicotine it seems so if it works for me it could for you too. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say there are better delivery systems available using ACTUAL harmless water vapor and nicotine, atomizing mist machines or mouth sprays.

    Vaporizers are not a cigarette replacement, they are an aid to help quit smoking for those of us who don’t like suffering the discomfort of cigarette withdrawals. I was able to quit in half a month with a 50pg/50 soiy vg 6%nick mix, now I don’t vape anymore and the withdrawals are gone, was coughing up dark speckles a month and a half later, usually after a good 5 min run!.

    Someone once told me cigarettes are worse than heroin because you cant even feel the damage they are doing.

    I’m not so convinced anyone actually knows what is going on in the body with the delivery system. so far what i’ve been able to come up with is that PG and VG are converted into triglycerides in the body and you should take omega 3 and lectithin in capsule form for harm reduction of vg / pg. vaping could have harmful effect on reproduction. sometimes my left nut hurts from the nicotine my guess.

    Anyway don’t buy just any glycerin from Walmart or wherever, after ordering hypoallergenic glycerin from ebay there is a noticeable difference. soy , palm and coconut glycerin mixtures are each different on spleen liver pancreas and brain for water retention.

    Never mix VG with alcohol as a thinner unless you want a faster pulserate that you cant control, one drop of everclear worked nicely in a tank to cool the smoke after adding 2 more, it was almost like a chain reaction with pulserate.

    If you decide that you like vaping make sure you get a mechanical mod vaporizer build some hurricane coils with flat .8 nichrome wire and use a drip RDA to make cooler smoke that does not react to tissues in the body as much. you want to boil the liquid it should never taste burnt just nice and cool. If you feel any body pains you should not be vaping so much. take mouth to throat hits if you want to be nicer to your lungs they are still as effective because glycerin/pg/nic gets absorbed on the tongue / throat tissue instantly.

    Vaping is only about 4 years old so over time i feel liquids will become more engineered for the purpose of smoking rather than smoking fog machine mix to aid people in quitting smoking heh.

    Something else glycerin has a tendency to reduce eye pressure, which works well for glaucoma patients but not so well for regular joe’s, if your having issues switch to a 50/50 mix.

    For VG, soy glycerin seems to give the least amount of reaction, its what ecblends uses and their liquid is really nice. it might take a combination of various glycerin to get the mixture proper.

    Glycerin also works well for giving people water retention and instantaneous energy for working out. its very powerful and should not be consumed directly as liquid.

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i got a box like this but the package had shinier red lettering. this was my first esmoke and the liquid was some of the best i’ve ever had. even tastes good if you get it on your lips without feeling the effects of the liquid. they dissapeared then someone has since taken the brand name from the looks of it.
Related image
used to be all black like this one.

vuse epod2 sold at fast gas stations seem to be a really good deal, 1.6% nicotine tobacco flavored packages for 12 dollars and they give the rechargable unit for extra dollar. 3% would be recommended because of less frequent hits. has pretty neat cartridges that seem to last a long time and the taste is superb, no issues with kidneys or liver sofar 5 days quit cold turkey. on another positive note I it seems to control hunger cravings aswell. dont get the rose color or black units because they are made from aluminum the fumes get into the cartridge after a day of use then the smoke becomes harsh. gold and silver units are the good ones.


some quick math, they say 7mg of nicotine per cigarette so 175 mg of nicotine per pack of smokes. compared to 1 3% 34mg/ml cartridge that lasts 3+ packs of smokes. 1.9 ml cartridge x 34 = 64 mg total – (175×3=525) you have a savings of 461 mg of nicotine less than smoking cigs.

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