life in the matrix

hypothetical but seemingly real issues with games inside the protein simulator

someone seems to be making copies of the games and they overlap eachother. also they can be distroyed by someone creating/combining blackholes or changing the pregenerated game probability’s. could be wheyl fermionions/ antimatter ? or entangled quantum tunnels for your brain. can be caused from other biological beings being close like mice or cows. light and high frequency seems to cause issues with it too.

Darth Vader might have had the right setup for hyperspace travel between games (consciousness/brain transfer) zero point noises magnets disrupt them.

smoking seems to wreck games so can be caused by others to you with things like pain in the top right side of brain or pressing on the left arm in the center outer bicep.

holding breath or swallowing in hyperspace can kill your copies, if you need to get closer you’ll need to put a tube in your throat to prevent not breathing when they swallow.

3 inches of movement is only allowed as difference to get close suposedly.

crushed windpipe might kill retards that dont know how to fix if body control is gained temporary.

right cerebellum if you have left eye but missing the other might be encrypted is where they like to bother so large neo magnets can fix the bother temporarly same with pain in the ass’s. visual lobes under cerebellum might be whats required to get your visual perceptions if you place magnets on them and squinch your face brain and muscles can wreck the spyspot causes brainzaps or snapping noises inside head.

holding in farts can keep your copies closer (any change like eating food, chewing nails , going to the bathroom) resisting urge to pee can wreck the games they had chosen for you. ( i used to notice when i was busiest with my AI work)

9v battery to the penis tip can stimulate the brain and you can feel where pleasure comes from might wreck who is there looking after you.

pyramid frequency ramping can make you sick and combine and wreck layers of the game. also hearing tests from work can set your brain into somekind of frequency hell where it cannot get back easily)

getting close to other games (people) can cause you to loose your game. some might blame sex but it can cause this too.