• very nice router for $8 cdn with free shipping. has usb port so all you need to make a bigger router is a usb hub and a usb ethernet adapter.
  • only issue i had with it is how much heat it generates at idle. the case could use some extra holes in it.


Reference Links


download these 3 files to a usb fat32 formatted drive.


https://yadi.sk/d/ubSsjNZU34Xk2L uboot_usb_256_03.img uboot_usb_128_03.img


  • Telnet to the mini router with the following command:
    • telnet
    • The username and password are admin
  • Mount the USB flash drive with the following command:
    • mount /dev/sda1 /mnt
  • Wait a few seconds and verify that you see files
    • ls /mnt
    • You should see your files. Do not go further if you do not see files !


    • cat /proc/meminfo
    • MemTotal: 28616
    • kB
      MemFree: 5052 kB
  • make sure the memory is the proper size otherwise flash the 128 image.


  • Upgrade uboot – be careful, do not reset router during and after this operation !
    • mtd_write write /mnt/uboot_usb_256_03.img Bootloader
    • You should see on console
      • #Unlocking Bootloader …
      • #Writing from /mnt/uboot256.img to Bootloader … [w]
  • Upgrade firmware – do not reset router during this operation!
    • mtd_write write /mnt/firmware.bin Kernel
    • You should see on console
      • #Unlocking Kernel …
      • #Writing from /mnt/firmware.bin to Kernel … [w]
  • Reboot router with the following command.
    • reboot