raspberry pi zero – 6 dollar computer

VirtualBox Tinycorelinux for Arduino


Very neat distribution of linux, has alot of potential as it can do things other os’s cannot.

dCore also has TinyCoreLinux features and is based on Ubuntu packages but its size adds up really fast to 300+ mb min install.

Features :

  • 20 mb install ISO
  • minimal package size
  • lots of package options, with loadOnBoot options



setting up on raspberry pi zero – uses 0 watts of power

there will be more soon after 2021 new years about downloadable packages

dd copy the img file to the flash drive then wait for the keys to get generated tce-setdrive then run filetool.sh -b and reboot

you can put drive in another computer and resize the partition with gnome-disks and add swap

also for me i had to add the net-usb-kernel.tce package to the tce folder on the newly created second partition you’ll have to put it into the optional folder and chown it once tcl starts also add to the onboot.lst

run tce and install jwm and pcmanfm and wbar also bash

edit .xsession to contain $HOME/startup.sh line

touch ~/startup.sh and put



pcmanfm –desktop

sleep 5

wbar –above-desk –pos bottom

#tce-load -i



Compiling packages

  • linux-kernel-source-env is needed to build virtualbox extensions, kernel sources can be made into a loadable tcz package after.
  • sudo tar /usr/src/kernel –numeric-owner -zcvf /mnt/sda1/tce/optional/kernel.tcz
  • tce-load -i kernel.tar

this method did not work for me so maybe we’ll put a system link to it in a tcz file and keep a copy of it on /mnt/sda1.

to create most packages use these steps.

  • stripping debug symbols can also reduce size.
  • make install DESTDIR=./buid
    mksquashfs ./build/ prog.tcz

http://forum.tinycorelinux.net/index.php?topic=15772.15 post from here

  • touch mymarker
  • sudo ./VBoxLinuxAdditions.run
  • sudo find / -not -type ‘d’ -cnewer mymarker | grep -v “\/proc\/” | grep -v “^\/sys\/” | tee files
  • beaver [or some other text editor] files

..it will be reasonably obvious which files you can delete with the text editor.

  • Then use the list to make a tar achive of the files, move it to a temporary location and make an extension out of it:
  • sudo tar -T files –numeric-owner -zcvf vb_guest_additions.tar.gz
  • mkdir /tmp/pkg
  • cp vb_guest_additions.tar.gz /tmp/pkg
  • cd /tmp/pkg
  • sudo tar xf vb_guest_additions.tar.gz
  • rm vb_guest_additions.tar.gz
  • cd ..
  • sudo mksquashfs pkg/ vb_guest_additions.tcz
  • sudo chown tc:staff vb_guest_additions.tcz


  • tce

How to install



md5sum package verification boot checker

virtualbox extensions



dCore Linux, really nice option to have. needs a bit of work with stripping out dependancy’s for the sce’s. in the future this may be resolved to make some really really nice linux distro’s





runs with stock GUI at 1.7 watts with keyboard mouse and network dongle on raspberrypi zero 2