Month: November 2022

netpipe November 30, 2022

Hacker News – A Mechanical Neural Network Learns to Respond to Its Environment Hacker News – C2Rust Transpiler Hacker News – Source Code for SunOS 4.1.3 (1992) Hacker News – BearSSL: A smaller SSL/TLS library Hacker News – A 23-byte “hello, world” program assembled with DEBUG.EXE in MS-DOS Hacker News – OpenSSL 3.0.7 Published Hacker […]

netpipe November 29, 2022 here is a new orders page built that is for educational/spiritual use. has blackholes co2 and kills buttons  get your own here.

netpipe November 27, 2022

was wondering how many times someone would push the button to kill someone if it was on an oinion page. (maybe it would feel like relief for some who are being punished by god for no reason at all) inspired by the movie the button

netpipe November 27, 2022

I may have found a perfect tool to curing butt/leg pain a drumstick or regular stick, its light and small enough to fit and stay in some amazing leverage spots. just sitting on it to one side had made my leg numb enough to pop a muscle from old dirtbike accident.

netpipe November 26, 2022

was looking for holistic approaches to brain frequency modification. something like caffiene but slower instead because of radio waves. could not find anything on google other than some circadian rhythm information.   i had a issue where i could touch my teeth and make my back pop.

netpipe November 26, 2022

we dont even know what a “faggot” is (other than not a bundle of sticks that feels gdam aweful) , it could be a virus like aids or an alien trapped here bothering normal people.

netpipe November 24, 2022

a memory from an old lifetime.   time bombs might have actually be musical funny joke once instead of real bomb but it turns out it would be even more powerful than a real one. could even make the whole atmosphere sing and hold us hostage.(like an annoying retard)  even a non millitant group could […]

netpipe November 20, 2022

configuring a tor openwrt setup with uhttpd was very easy and hastle free. here are some notes to help you with yours. opkg update;opkg install tor openssh-sftp-server php8 php8-cli mkdir /www/tor or /root/tor vi /etc/config/uhttpd — add these lines config uhttpd ‘secondary’ option home ‘/root/tor’ option redirect_https ‘0’ option rfc1918_filter ‘1’ option max_requests ‘3’ option […]