AI Research

Artificial and or Augmented Intelligences

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growth to 46 billion AI research market in 2020 some forcasts say.

Sayings/Skills that make you think.

can you wonder and know at the same time ?

answer to life = whats bothering you ?


  • Tensorflow – cpu / gpu support
  • pyTorch – c++ api , python api cuda support
  • keras – cpu / gpu support


Traveling Salesman Research

Irrlicht NN Links


Might start a WIKI section on this later. Links / Pictures / Cronalog .


Bineural Beat and Frequency’s – strange stuff forsure, induces conscious state changes. (not sure if recommend ) maybe someone rich could make an opensource version of this someday. the website is full of neat features it has.

genetic neural network for study of genetic material to gain memory as a test of completeness. access to information such as books to learn language skills. mammal dna with good memory.

HOPE (Human Operated People Exchange Network)