rust tips you can stop rusting by putting silicone or paint overtop of it to keep the moisture out just be sure to get the really loose flakes off. have seen fuel tanks last many 10+ years after with no new rusting signs.

grease tips use a uni-co self locking grase tip.

Beware Of Ford

good vehicles (always been a bit dated and slow on adding new technology) but ford service is horrible money grab, went to the dealership and asked to get my tires checked she said that if you dont get maintenance done every 6 months you loose all your instore credit and tiresforlife. also the tires have to practically be showing wire before you get a new set. also before warenty runs out be sure to get all the oils replaced including rear end/transmission they wont do that for you automatically.


good to keep more air in the tires for better traction(digs better from point pressure).


AMF “example motomaster ultra from canadian tire usually around $200-$240 CDN 5 year warrenty” battery if you live somewhere where winter is usually -40. also get a AMF/Deepcycle compatible battery charger and leave it on the battery overnight as the temperature goes down to prevent freezing.

when a battery wont take any charge from a charger but is able to start with a boost(unless the plates are touching). best way to bring a battery back to life is to leave it in the vehicle for 2 hours to warm the electrolyte up and put charge back into the battery. if it starts after the 2 hours you should be fine to put the charger on it till it cools back down.


VW diesel 1.9L turbo 200 HP  gets 60+ miles per gallon, 50L to fill and gives over 1000km

Custom Mini 4WD Runs On Steam




Other fun ideas.

would be neat to see what a smaller bulldozer ultralight body would look like on a hybrid electric vehicle going down the highway at 100km/h, or a mini big truck.