beware of ford

ford service is horrible money grab, went to the dealership and asked to get my tires checked she said that if you dont get maintenance done every 6 months you loose all your instore credit and tiresforlife. also the tires have to practically be showing wire before you get a new set. also before warenty runs out be sure to get all the oils replaced including rear end/transmission they wont do that for you automatically.


good to keep more air in the tires for better traction(digs better from point pressure).


AMF “example motomaster ultra from canadian tire usually around $200-$240 CDN 5 year warrenty” battery if you live somewhere where winter is usually -40. also get a AMF/Deepcycle compatible battery charger and leave it on the battery overnight as the temperature goes down to prevent freezing.



use caution when buying a used tesla online posted just after new years 2019.

A Quartet of Drills Put The Spurs To This Electric Utility Vehicle

that electric gocart might work better with a clutch like bicycle pedals, have one drill set for lowspeed torque and one for highspeed. turn on both initially then shut one off when a certain speed is reached.



VW diesel 1.9L turbo 200 HP  gets 60+ miles per gallon, 50L to fill and gives over 1000km

Custom Mini 4WD Runs On Steam

water powered car

stanley meyers came up with the concept in 1998 which was 20 years ago now. not too much progress has been made designing a plugin hybrid one that can sustain itself for travels.

according to wiki

“electrolysis (PEM or alkaline electrolysis) which have an effective electrical efficiency of 70-80%, producing 1 kg of hydrogen (which has a specific energy of 143 MJ/kg or about 40 kWh/kg) requires 50–55 kWh of electricity.”

fuel cells are 40-60% efficient with potential to 80-90% lasting around 20 years ? making electric drive the preferred way to travel.

explosion potential from these can be overted with proper tanks/hoses/sensors even in crash instances.

Bob Lazar”s Car


tesla aircraft

fan powered parachutes

multi copters


Radically simpler 3D printing rockets with less than 100 parts instead of nearly 100,000


Picture 16 of 18 neat 80 cc motor kit for a standard bicycle $91 usd

Electric Bike ups does not ship these to canada so you may have to talk with the seller if outside of USA.

Suffer No Substitutes — The Hudspith Steam Bicycle Is One-Of-A-Kind


helium supplemented balloon for hovercraft (over-unity like anti-gravity effects)

vtol crafts

quad-copter vehicles with isolated backup up motor driver for emergency landings and parachute.

inflatable drone could be filled with helium