Magnets, Auroas & Frequencys

Auroa’s / Magnets

I don’t claim to know much about the invisible forces of nature but one thing I know about are magnets and that they can provide relief from alot of aches and pains that are associated with snapping and poping of the joints / head area. the

New Quit Stop Smoking Ear Magnet Cigarettes Magnetic ear Acupressure Zero Smoke these help with tininitus (ringing of the ears) and headaches too. some of it can be attributed to tooth pain.

Neodymium magnets  large wedge shaped magnets clip onto the hair nicely for headache relief not sure why or how but it does help me.

I also found some relief from wearing static discharge keychains. massaging yourself with a laser pointer can also help.

“Researchers at Zhejiang University in China have shown that they can encode commands in high frequency sound that are still recognized by voice assistants. They take a regular human voice and use it to modulate an ultrasound signal”

DolphinAttack could probably be used for subliminal messaging aswell.



8 dollar vibrators for pains can help treat these problems, found mine on ebay.

Mini Electric Massage Gun Deep Muscle Tissue Relaxing Comfortable Treatment CareImage 1 - Mini Electric Massage Gun Deep Muscle Tissue Relaxing Comfortable Treatment Care


I’ve seen this caused from pulling on ear lobes untill you hear a nerve break, best way to fix is to place a stack of magnets on the pointy flap in the ear untill you have enough pain to fix it.


I have tried things like quartz , salt, copper and RF interferance / auditable tones to get rid of tininitus and ear / head aches/skull cramps. best thing so far has been marijuana (not so much the CBD aspect either). also look for pinched nerves from old injury’s.

“Strange Pyramid effect” you can see the pulses out of the top of it.

Easy way to see how much ELF waves bother you is to listen to bulldozers working at low rpm reving up and down going forward and backward consistantly.


Need to figure out how to image wheyl ferminions at high resolution using photon comparing (ghost imaging).








Stuff in other dimensions can bother you like pressing and holding center of back of neck untill numb; also semicolon tatoos on fingers and tooth pain.


One way to stave off energy vampires is to drink whisky or other alcohols. gut instinct


easiest way to hack your brain state


found this on facebook, seems to be a way to see things easier.


the power of circles