Futuristic Sports

Sporting, Matrix(movie effects),shop applications and Holodeck technologies.

Hover Hockey – inspired by solarbabies movie.

omni wheels might be a great way to get you mobile in the air.


these can be built outdoors for cheaper construction costs.

hover hockey concept with magnetic shoes and a cable to support weight better (basically a magnetic ball in a field focusing/socket block to support a persons weight).

squares may be bigger or smaller also directional superconducting magnetic field grid heads with strong Tesla fields may be used.

use strong permanent magnets to hold the slide block in place. separated with air gap and dolly wheels. air gap can be controlled to reduce friction also powered wheels could lessen the effects of inertia. halbach array could also help make field strength more focused.

a winch system ran by dual nema 36 stepper motors could make rapid repelling easier.

the magnetic floor could be used to sense and repel a skaters shoes with directional magnetic resistance providing motion to user..

moon basketball

using same system but no magnetic floor, just barely able to touch with feet also have counterweights to help you jump higher than normal


  • low power jetpacks with cable system in a rink size arena would open new possability’s too
  • fly around like iron man in a rink size arena
  • augmented FPS, real life quake



magnetic roof hoist dolly – machine shop applications

less clutter and more maneuverability.

 maybe dome assembly or steel vessels with valve placement for welding



Investor market

some quick math, 30 carts per arena and 10 arena’s @ 5 dollars an hour open 24/7 would be something like 8 or 9 million dollars each year or 20k per day

50 states x 10 outlets per state . united states alone has 50+ million potential market.

would estimate canada’s love for hockey and games to be near that asell

europe market about 50+ million

asia 150 – 200 million

global somewhere in the range of 400+ million dollars

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yCIDkFI7ew gold on the ceiling music video.


Robot Clings to Ceiling