Educational Use Only – disclamer of liability. safty first please read and understand all about brewing before doing anything like this for non fuel use.


  • Brewing 200 proof IIRC needs a reflux tower for fuel applications ,
  • Ford Model A’s used to have the fuel air mixture on the dash board to adjust on the go, you would drive to town on alcohol and then fuel up with gasoline.
  • my grampa said that its more efficient if you vaporise the fuel on a heat source before feeding into the carb.
  • alcohol uses 1/3 the air for combustion so adjust accordingly.



When brewing and you see greasy stuff ontop of the surface use a paper towel to soak it up thats methanol and run it again. can happen more when using fruit to brew, not running it a second time and improper temperatures.

I have seen electronic aging of rye whisky on the tv series moonshiners. the show is a treasure trove of information about brewing.


i think a 45 gal container filled with warm water , add 10lb of sugar and one tomato soup can of yeast to start the mash. potato is good but fruit is not because it makes more methanol.