Terminators T-800

Was thinking a 3d metal printed with titanium T-800 would be ideal for building underground bases on Earth and Mars. One possibly built the pyramids in Egypt by launching itself through space and recreating earth itself and using the subterrainian chamber to keep it powered up for many years. came from another planet maybe jumping from planets to meteor wating then jumping to the next with more advanced power system much like in the movies, hard to believe the movie is from 1984.


for some parts and peices hemp could be used as a lighter stronger alternative.


if there were any utility patents they would be in the public domain by now.


Power systems

  • Artificial muscles made from fishing line fabric to form a heart – hydraulic action – will post some valves soon i came up with from old uniflow steam engine. could run on 200 watts probably. 1000 psi 4″ circular pressure chamber. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNS0pxnQfdY
  • Tritium might be another good option if it can be in the 1-5 kw range with super capacitors, has a halflife of 20 years though :/
  • if the endoskelleton is black then it could be coated with 99% efficient solar.


2000 dollars for one of these on ebay.


self healing valves in the hydraulics using magnetics to keep a great seal for long periods of time


3D Models

download info soon.


i had posted the comment “is there a way to augment the internal pressure system charging up the artificial muscles by using human power and gravity + an ai to control the pressure release when needed ?” looks like a neat concept for exoskeleton too but a little too dangerous using hydrogen. maybe grasshoppers have some secrets still



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