Ways to make money

In ancient grease professions were sometimes chosen from birth. Its been said to take 10 years to master a skill if you practice everyday and is within your capability’s.


  • 5 gal pail rocket stoves – 40-60 dollars   – cement work is rewarding too hemp/cotten fabric dipped, bird waterers  and planters are common projects.
  • Maslow cnc printed tables/chairs/art
  • Printed DVD’s with your own photo’s story’s video’s research – good to pick a licence that suits you. if you want more customers put a restriction on it to only allow commercial use of the content for one software product so they need to buy multiple copies if its that good of product. Also worth to mention an hour worth of footage is pretty easy to put together if you can record a a day or weeks worth of interesting footage. movies while younger hold their value wish ide have had access to nice gear when younger ide be rich. redneck and party films seem to sell good because they are interesting and easy to splice.
  • Local Art sales for larger area’s or use wordpress and opencart to setup online store.
    • Sand waterfall aquariums
    • Painted canvas / 3d Design
    • Ableton Live for any kind of live recording because it can layer everything nicely – for free software LMMS (linux multimedia system) can create awesome midi songs easily(development is going very well too). MilkyTracker is for more advanced chip music, very hard to learn but can make the sounds you need.
    • Search YouTube for art projects and get making boxes of art projects that sell.
  • Welded structural projects can be rewarding. solar stands , tables, carts, cnc tables
  • Car projects, hybrid vehicles can be great clean up/out and resell.
  • Arduino projects that do not require CSA approval unless used in explosive environments because they use CSA approved wallwarts – 110v to 5v usb converters. feeders, light/sound sensors to drive relay’s
  • freelancer.com usually looks for programmers / also its easy to get work done, 200 for a feature , 400 for small application and 1000 for complete application. Use QT (API)  to make life easier.