Photography / Video

Lights camera action

was alywas under the impression if you can collect an hours worth of footage from a interesting day/week/month you could make a million dollars. (youtube pays for video adverts so if you make a 10 min long movie with 3 commercials in it and you get a million views you can make 3k dollars)


video shooting techniques – where to put the camera to convey more of whats going on and where the focus is.




PS3 eyetoy- have not found a more versitile usb camera for under 15 dollars even works great for Augmented Reality Development for video games.


Cannon Rebel T3I – highly recommended camera for high quality photo’s. (want to try out a raspberry pi 8MP camera with nice lense to compare quality with)


Sony cx240 – great video camera for under 200 dollars has micro sd card and self stabilizing technology with amazing zoom.