Secret Agent Gear

Secret Agent Gear

Grapple hooks, spy shoes/glasses,FM transmitters and whatever else you might want.

Movies List / notible mentions

  • James Bond
  • Mission Impossible
  • THZ and WIFI waves seeing through walls
  • Thermal Cameras I2C on ebay for 50 dollars.

3D printed batman belt CNT tunable radio

Tiny Transmitter Brings Out the Spy Inside You

USB drive that can erase contents if accessed improperly (have seen some with fingerprint readers)(only you would know what finger).

cryptsetup luks file encryption passthrough (decryptor) system and or fat emulation for host access cricket ears




also hemp is suposedly really great body armor, could make some ronian face masks with it.

throat microphone/headphones that straps onto the neck for handsfree talking can be made from usb soundcard and mic from ebay.

geiger counter for your phone $30 CDN – great for checking ebay items



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