Month: September 2018

netpipe September 12, 2018

National Vulnerability Database – CVE-2018-14395 (debian_linux, ffmpeg) National Vulnerability Database – CVE-2018-14394 (ffmpeg) National Vulnerability Database – CVE-2018-14436 (imagemagick) National Vulnerability Database – CVE-2018-14435 (imagemagick) The Hacker News – Beware! Unpatched Safari Browser Hack Lets Attackers Spoof URLs The Hacker News – Tesla Model S Hack Could Let Thieves Clone Key Fobs to Steal Cars […]

netpipe September 11, 2018

EurekAlert! – Breaking News – Molecular switches are not just ‘on’ or ‘off’ ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Scientists develop new drug treatment for TB Home – Arduino runs BASIC with colour output Engadget – A project to remove 88,000 tons of plastic from the Pacific has begun Engadget – Sony vows to use 100 […]

netpipe September 1, 2018

Engadget – Acer’s Predator Thronos is a cockpit masquerading as gaming chair Engadget – Google’s $50 Titan security keys are now available in the US Hack a Day – DIY Long Distance Laser Telescope Does Some Damage Next Big Future – China building $145 million superconducting computer that is up to 1000 times more energy […]