TV / Projectors / Cameras


RCA 2000 lumen projector seems to not get too warm at only 37 watts. movies look good on the wall or roof but can hurt the eyes after a while specially in the dark. when I get a proper screen it’ll probably look closer to 1080p. plays videos from SD or TF card in AVI format can be M4V files renamed to AVI.



RCA 4k TV’s are pretty good on power consumption around 60 watts

Avera 4k TV’s are really efficient too at 50ish watts.


sound systems

5.1 logitech make good sound systems even the smaller ones, can setup surround sound for bedroom of livingroom with just the green and yellow wires in a 3.5 mm female jack splitter.a 5.1 channel usb box would work too.


nuance were expensive quality sound systems back in the day. sometimes 5-10 grand for a large tower speaker.



looking for a camera that cheese on linux can use for a webcam still. have found ps3 eyetoy to be best sofar.

Photographs – Cannon Rebel T3I very good camera for the cost takes sharp autozoom pictures.

video – sony cx series 240 is what i bought because of price , 54x zoom and autostabilize work very well for 200 dollars on ebay. records to sd card has convienent usb charger built into the handle of camera. 3d face reconstruction from 2d images.