Parenting tips

My disclaimer: These are only suggestions I found memorable from my own childhood.

  • Teach them about never crying wolf and other great folk tales and lessons about greed like hand in cookie jar. also i recall a song “who took the cookie from the cookie jar who me couldnt be, then who?” humpty dumpty, and the “go ahead and hate your neighbor go ahead and hate your friend do it in the name of heaven you can justify it in the end” song.
  • Make them pick presents for someone else then give them that. helps save money.
  • Return stuff in better condition than it was borrowed.
  • Wait till later in life before smoking weed grade 10 ish, much later for other drugs. (the exception of mental retardation might help with that (is neurogenic) helps teach substance respect and grows curiousity more cautiously also helps moderation form.
  • Hide money to show the value of it better until around grade 10 aswell. also keeping an change jar around separate from their own piggy bank for school food they can take from is kinda fun for learning value of money/greed budgeting good to start with with something memorable like a huge jar with mostly dollar coins ontop.
  • Swimming lessons are great fun, air cadets was great too, youth group was also great to try things like large boxing gloves and climbing walls also arcade games and dancing.
  • Python programming is great place to start, PHP and HTML for web sites ( more advanced ) game development is a fun way to stay interested.
  • Teach them to turn off light switches ( catch them forgetting a few times till they learn ) helps drive energy conservation and environmental awareness.
  • Mother earth news has alot of great articles for rural kids.
  • Buy them model kits if they are the type as presents. ( or get their friends some to make a cool looking room that they would want so they have construction envy )
  • If they like RC airplanes alot get them money to buy it on their own when you know they will ( don’t buy them for them ) usually shows what they really want to do, got mine from beef 4H .
  • Keep the edge sharp, cut away from yourself and know how to survive with one.
  • many bibles in different languages and races all contain references to Jesus its what made life more interesting as a kid for many. bible schools and camps are easy way for kids to interact more with others in small towns and country living they are great fun even if you dont church every sunday or even every 5-20 years .

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