http://www.tflighttech.com/products/airborg-h8-10k-with-top-flight-hybrid-power-system.html might be best option on the market for long distance flights currently if the engine requires too high of RPM then it will be high maintenance.

https://www.ebay.ca/itm/GS-Racing-R25MT-High-performance-25-Nitro-Racing-Engine-w-Pull-starter-New/143554107086 some engines like these have 3.3HP would make great hybrid powerplants and can run on diesel.

https://www.ebay.ca/itm/New-02060-VX-18-2-74CC-1-0hp-Pull-Starter-Engine-for-1-10-HSP-Nitro-RC-Car-P0I8/123912856667 smaller 1hp version

os .40 engines from old gas airplanes probably make 3 or 4 hp too maybe more at high rpm.

would make great hybrid plane drones capable of carrying 10+ lb

New Hotair Quadcopter concept.


NEW RCGF 20cc RE-Stinger

they also have twin 20cc version


Some things i’ve found to be interesting related to hobby flight.

CCRCSIM — opensource rc flight sim

UMX AS3X beast foam plane — these things take a s@it kicking and you can just hotglue them back together. the downside would be the cost ( 200 for remote 200 for plane) upside the remote stores settings for 6 planes and its uses plug and bind to make setup easy. also use tape to reinforce the tail, center wing supports and along the leading edge

https://www.horizonhobby.com sells umx biplanes for about 170 CAD.

foamboard can make great custom planes for a couple dollars.



great toy thats very durable are the mini pet quadcopters for 40-60 dollars with remote. depending on what version you get the controls can be pretty funky. will try to get some links to the good ones soon. 500 mah batteries last longer than 10 min flights. also larger 998 version will take wind better these little bee’s are for indoors or calm days.



RCmart and hobbyking are both great places for those looking.

Compressed air r/c toys like airhogs could be a thing for 3d printed cars and truck market too. regular pop bottle is 150 reinforced is 1300psi.



Boat Stuff





carbon fiber frame kk260 ebay – $20 https://www.amazon.ca/Upgraded-Ultralight-Superhard-Four-Axis-Quadcopter/dp/B07L9N2Z57

AR500 SportsCraft 5 Channel Transceiver – to work with dx6 remote
Turnigy 2204-14t motors $15 dollars each with turnigy esc  , Motor bases were larger so i used wire to secure them to one side of base might add more loops later.
850 mah battery 20c 7.4v – not sure if it’ll work for this yet.
Had purchased 7035 propellers but was unable to find opposite pairs so I’ll need to print some tri blades with a few less mm to avoid tip rubbing.


This engine could probably spin 3 or more of those motors to generate more than 100 Watts. possibly needing gearing + flywheel.


i remember seeing something on tv as a kid that made a hand thrown airplane go faster as it looses altitude making use of its own weight. uses air ram and has no engine


might be able to put the motors for propulsion on the outside to make it more watertight.






something i had noticed about the as3x planes is that going into the wind it can use the wind power to climb faster and use less power.