FireFox & Thunderbird

firefox needs a download speed limiter so you can still browse while downloading. automatically leave 40kb/s for on demand use somehow.

maybe use openwrt with a traffic shaper


heres currently the plugins being used in firefox.

brief mention of a few of the enabled plugins.

  • cacert its to allow self signed certificates in the browser.
  • color that site – helps me dim sites down, dont like alot of white.
  • no script to help disable and allow javascript ( very dangerous stuff )
  • site launcher – makes navigating common sites a breeze.
  • smart video – i need this to help reduce monthly bandwidth helps video settings maintain the 144p video quality setting.

to increase the mouse wheel scroll speed type about:config into the browser window and search for mousewheel.

Thunderbird plugin currently being used is one to put it into the gnome tray applet when minimized.  also one for calendar alarms

some good firefox config options are for things like faster mouse wheel page scrolling (default is very slow with most mouses) also imwheel can do things like doubling scroll for all system functions.