netpipe May 12, 2024

it would be a neat idea to have a large vaporizer that can blast a room/area with enough smoke to stay lightly baked all day(as a guess it would consume somewhere near 4-10 grams of oil per day depending on room size.

netpipe April 29, 2024

I might have just invented the first ever rocking keif box pollen collection system. basically a tumbler that only rocks it back and forth across the screen with a bit of vibration. the screen 100 – 200 mesh is available online usually in large rolls like this

netpipe April 28, 2024

someone should invent smart valve or moisture actuated valves for irrigation on pots, all on a nice stick that just needs a water hose on a timer.

netpipe April 26, 2024 cone roller for regular or larger size papers. for 10 dollars these are hard to beat and make a great gift. Filling Machines a tray type, slide rolling machine type, the 6 shooter. Reamer for cone joints ? might make nice carrying boxes if you use something low speed like […]

netpipe April 24, 2024 use code DB15 to get 15% or 70 CAD off + already discounted 9% or 40 USD rough guess is 160 CDN off regular price. it was 520 at checkout. it seems you have to ship it to someone you know in the states then to canada.   the 3D printed alternative is only […]

netpipe April 21, 2024

someone needs to invent a pizza that can fit into a toaster, texas toast size. fit all the toppings into the dough so that it does not drip out ever. would make vending machines easier to stock because you could add a toaster to or around it easily.