netpipe January 19, 2022

I remember having a problem with a mentally retarded kids dad at school(he threatened me telepathically and i threatened him back) and it turns out there are more like them… the last name lalonde seems to be have some kinda telepathic retardation very dangerous and has idetic memory. they would claim to be the […]

netpipe January 18, 2022

this is a tragic story from my own hometown Drayton Valley, Alberta Canada … this weed grow has sprung up in a horrible spot, 2 blocks from a town waste dump and beside a welding shop. noble grow was allowed by our town to do this somethings wrong somewhere…   I have not even looked […]

netpipe January 17, 2022

we need humidors built into the lids of tha cannabis containers so that we dont need humidor packets that contain salt and hurt your organs (pains in the right side) when using boveda terpine shield packets. possibly needing super capacitors that last for 4 months or some kinda disposable battery’s.

netpipe January 15, 2022 they need to make double sided tape / suction cup style nipple protectors that dont rip the nipple off and dont peirce fingertips too badly, maybe a 3d printed option is needed.

netpipe January 15, 2022

Got my new years 35% off sale seeds. really nice because you can get one seed for under 20 dollars if you just want to try or grow them for seeds. have used them 3 times already(very professional) once aswell.     next time I’de like to give a try. in […]