DIY Windmills power calculator for windturbines

wind/solar powered semi truck concept these look like a good choice


10kw wind turbines are way less than 1 dollar per wat and usually around 2500 USD 3D Printed VAWT design.

vawt concept using tarps, could be done with triangles instead too 1.5 kw windmill $500

There is also a 3KW





More later, maybe some info on wind funnels and kites

6a00e0099229e888330120a5cbc4ac970b-320wi 6a00e0099229e888330120a61fd13a970c-500wi 6a00e0099229e888330120a621bba3970c-700wi 6a00e0099229e888330120a6207b3e970c-800wi 6a00e0099229e888330120a62080b0970c-200wi 6a00e0099229e888330120a6216217970c-700wi. basically wind is still cheepest dollar per watt. ( solar is making ground though  seen it going for 28 cents per watt)

windpowerworkshop by hugh piggot is a great starting place the guy pioneered the diy scene.



Someone should create a hybrid star delta controller for wind generation that uses one for low speed one for high speed.
I remember reading about it from UofA university 10+ years ago Andrew Knight was the researcher.


an arduino can adjust the sense wire to control load maybe.


could be easier low to the ground way to experiment with alternate energy.


Full Size 3D-Printed Wind Turbine

it lead me to some software called QBlade that seems very advanced and great, compiled on linux fine.


possibly a great way to power an airconditioner from a vehicle if you can get rid of the vibrations


blue barrels are cheap now and a miter or jigsaw can make easy work of them. rv antifreeze barrels are common and nontoxic.


the trick to these is to keep them spinning inbetween gusts of wind so you’ll need an arduino, halleffect sensor and a relay to know when to pull energy from it.