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Complaints About Things – to whom it may concern/intrest


Death and Taxes






brestfeeding in  public midgetporn or sincest storys / songs depectiing children nude and movies with nudity in it the internet was created with porn in mind the first thing transmitted was a picture of women.  unregulated if information is pornography if someone needs pictures of little boobies young girls and boys let them be it helps relief coding frustrations in record time . barbies that are naked would be illegal if the laws were actually serious. also movies like cronenbergs chromosome 3.

also another note you can see it in evolution where the filtrum is shorter and the upper lip goes up in humans that used to eat sperm and probably suck the tit harder as babys. its actually a sexy trait and usually leads to a more sexual lifestyle. the romans used to make their students give blowjobs for education lessons and strengthen the bond more. there might even be passive immunity and extra information able to be passed onto youth from these methods.


luckily aarons law has been made, it was aweful they tried to make him pay for ebooks and court fees as a student that he could ot afford and killed himself


mp3 thiefs are not really illegal anymore either laws have laxed up alot over the years since napster


security of person also has alot to do with freedom if it does not take value or much value from the corperations let it be