Phone tips

pay as you go phones a bit about them.

my provider is telus currently the reason this is attractive is because you can have a a phone with 250 incomming and 250 outgoing messages and 100 mb of data for $15 a month on a $60 wallmart android phone that can do everything you need and can be easily replaced. as of 2018 good friday before easter telus has discontinued the package without warning. so now the unlimited one number package for 7 dollars might look good for a modem connection on android ?

if you can get it  looks like a great alternative 500 mb of free internet per month(not sure if you need mifi to make it work). i wonder how far north the coverage goes but aparently ontario can get it still.

by purchasing one addon it drops the messaging and calling rate down to something more reasonable. so if your going to go this route atleast buy the minimal text package.

  • some cool apps for the phone
  • textnow  messaging app – you get free phone number and unlimted texting / calling over wifi.
  • facebook messenger – free calling / texting – has more latency than textnow though.
  • android development

Greps about phones

1800 numbers should have caller id

phones should have a system where they review new callers and select which ones they allow to ring their phone when caller id is more standardised for scammers / locations.