OS Emulators

asfar as emulation goes sofar i’ve found qemu to be most promising in terms of ease of compile / ease of use the aqemu frontend is very nice to use. has some pretty advanced features like cpu hotplugging and a couple of video cards.


virtualGL is also an asset

virtualbox is probably thee most supported emulator currently, it requires root to install though wich is a drawback but the video support is awesome. also has good OSX support.

qemu / aqemu is very great for linux for windows, you can use qtemu frontend to qemu. has video card support with 256mb limitation, am hoping to try tinycorelinux with virtualgl for remote rendering.



eventually i would like to find 4 emulated os desktops in a single application where i can hover mouse over the windows to auto-pause and unpause also choose which desktop to expand by hovering or clicking. possibly use a VNC client for that.