Month: August 2018

netpipe August 18, 2018

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Scientists turn to the quantum realm to improve energy transportation Nano Patents and Innovations – Wearable ‘Microbrewery’ Saves Human Body from Radiation Damage Nano Patents and Innovations – Printable Metal Tags Turn Ordinary Things into Smart Objects Nano Patents and Innovations – Gold and Platinum Make Most Wear-Resistant Metal Alloy […]

netpipe August 16, 2018

The Green Optimistic – Mercedes’ EQ C Electric SUV – First Photos mightyOhm – Adding an ESP8266 + OLED Interface to the Mightyohm Geiger Counter Ars Technica – “Natural” birth-control app dogged by unwanted pregnancies gets FDA approval – Scientists ‘Squeeze’ Nanocrystals to Turn Liquids to Solids Hacker News – Battery breakthrough: Double performance […]

netpipe August 8, 2018

Vending maching / money reading / register   Features 4k camera battery backup/ charging system telephone wifi auditable alarm vibration sensor stepper motor dispensers/ rotate lock bar coin weight / lumens dollar bill scanner – pixel matching / contour matching  / reflectivity / ir sensor

netpipe August 4, 2018 – Is 2D Material Hematene the New Graphene? – 3D-Printed Batteries Could Mean Lightweight, Longer-Lasting Electronics OSNews – RISC-V’s open-source architecture shakes up chip design Ars Technica – Neural network implemented with light instead of electrons – latest science and technology news stories – Blending liquid MOFs produces new glass materials ScienceDaily: […]