Over-Unity is more like a system that can run using the forces of nature and not make much pollution.

Might have better luck with mercury buoyancy engine so I present new concept to work on. might not be for everyone and mercury is hazardous so please be careful when working with it. Fume hood works good and sealed containers. even a little bit lying around can contaminate air for years like broken thermometers so be sure to clean up well and stay away from areas that have uncleanable spots in around the walls and trim. basically its just a concept for now maybe get small scale data on some of its physics. effect could work with water but friction might be too high to notice it working without using large floating boyant cable.

dont mix lead and mercury it is very toxic.


  maybe wind it like this. might work with gravity side submersed too ? can use cable guides instead of rollers.

  • create a stargate mercury valve (had a suggestion that NaK metal might be worth looking at due to conductivity properties) using coilgun/solonoid effect. maybe isolate peices of cable and induce different charge states on them to repel the mercury from pouring out the bottom in a tube nearly sealed with cable
  • used this model to study because there is only one moving part the cable.
  • aluminum is less dense than mercury by alot so maybe a nickle coated aluminum cable would work good.
  • properties of mercury can be changed too, adding gold can thicken it.
  • 40 feet of mercury is 250 psi roughly or -250 psi in a siphon

buoyancy engine ?

Other Questions.

would a ferromagnetic valve hold much pressure using half horseshoe magnets around a pipe leaving one half on to capture the putty ? electro magnetic spiderweb or grid might work well too.



might make a nice test setup using non hazardous stuff if friction can be nulled. plastic chain may do the trick.