Month: June 2020

netpipe June 24, 2020 100 story building or 300 m  , 1000 feet  drop should yeild 11 seconds of freefall maybe some vr goggles and a wind tunnel and a dropping platform simulating vertigo + brainbolt its the way golden eagles do it. maybe blindfold + downward slope on a cart into a wall head first.   current […]

netpipe June 23, 2020

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – A sugar hit to help destroy cancer cells Slashdot – UC Berkeley Study Finds Diluting Blood Plasma Reverses Aging In Mice Slashdot – Nvidia Engineer Releases Open-Sourced Vulkan Graphics Driver for the Raspberry Pi Slashdot – Facebook Research Releases Tech To Create 3D Models of People From Photographs New Scientist […]

netpipe June 9, 2020

Next Big Future – Finally, Commercialization of Wafers of Carbon Nanotube Transistor Chips – latest science and technology news stories – Scientists engineer one protein to fight cancer and regenerate neurons EurekAlert! – Breaking News – Researchers advance fuel cell technology EurekAlert! – Breaking News – Ultrathin nanosheets separate harmful ions from water Big […]

netpipe June 8, 2020 – latest science and technology news stories – Warmest May on record, Siberia 10C hotter ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Egg-based coating preserves fresh produce ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Discovery unlocks ‘hot’ electrons for more efficient energy use National Vulnerability Database – CVE-2020-13790 (libjpeg-turbo, mozjpeg) Big Think – A ‘Strawberry moon’ eclipse is […]