HotTubs / Pools


Use google maps to plot great hottub locations by the river, Would imagine if building a fire-pit is fine then using lime and dirt to make a hottub would be fine too. rock tub

For a pool build a 9×15’ slab then a tub then pull the liner out after by replacing the supports with logs during mudding. Using rubber swimming pools coated in vegetable oil. Use a water wheel with pipe in a coil to pump water , no coupler needed because the hose can spin for 20+ feet then go into a water trough secondary hose downhill  the rest of the way(unless small 1/2 or ¼ inch rampump is used to pump an extra 100 feet).

Other option would be to ^ pile up some rocks in a 9×15 foot radius(or as big as you like) then moarter the inside after putting dirt on the outside to firm it up. Same setup for hottub be sure to make some stairs too to ensure animals can get out if walls are too steep.


Help Explore great potential area’s and mark them down on the map if you feel like exploring for the weekend. Electric chainsaw might help for some spots.

Try to find a location with good clay content for making cob(straw+clay) mix for building structures.


Locations – write down accessible good swim area’s (water moves slow is shallow in spots to make walking into it nicer.)


Location 2 example – codename star lounge – great beach with sand , easy access , rock bar for building.



  • Cement mixer 3.5 cubic foot – $200 already have one
  • Cement mix – 60 lb bag is $7 dollars at canadian tire.
  • Gloves to work with – lime can be hard on hands. – $5
  • Rocket stove – easy to weld 2  3 – 6” inch pieces of metal together and place copper coils inside. Feet are optional as it can be placed in ground or outside the burn tube. And 2 fairly long pieces of garden hose – $40. The rocket stove can be made from aircrete covered in cement aswell. Cement itself has tendency to explode when heated too hot.
  • Sump pump – already have
  • Cooking oil as a form release agent
  • Hoes for mixing soil
  • Tamper – plate welded to pole to pack down a soil cement or rammed earth pad. Mostly for sitting / camping / firepit area rather than hottub itself. Could be used to make building walls too with forms.
  • Because cement can absorb moisture a sealer like paint can be applied after it has cured but not required for hottub. I have seen pine sap used but thats probably not ideal for hottubs.
  • Trowel / sandblock / 800 grit sandpaper or a buffer wheel.
  • Rampump for pumping water or electric pump/waterwheel water pump.
  • An old HotTub would work too but it might not be allowed unless put on a trailer.
  • concrete 5gal bucket rocket stove. 10 dollars. 80 / 20 perlite/cement mix.  70 30 might be better


Building a shed

  • Aircrete mixer barrel and drill would work. I plan on making a aircrete sprayer based on a magic bullet blender for other sheds and permanent tents.
  • Strawbails could be used then mudded over.
  • 4xLong or 8xShort pieces of painted rebar might be useful for building walls.
  • lite-block construction, I can cut the pipe ribs with maslow or goliath cnc eventually. And cooking oil for form release agent.
  • Some lumber to make pouring aircrete forms, use a tarp and screws to seal the bottom to the boards when pouring.
  • A indoor rocket stove made from cement would be ideal to keep heat at night.
  • Other option is to mound up a bunch of dirt, cover in concrete then cover with dirt and empty out dirt from inside.
  • Larger Nylon or canvas tents can be covered with strawmix/concrete/aircrete and reused if we can make for a more permanent shelter after underfloor heating(garden hose in soil cement/rammed earth cement floor) is installed and connected to hottub to stay warm. ( probably higher ground location ) the tent can be recovered after the screens on windows / pole holes , and tags are removed anything that would snag too much in the cement. Was thinking filling the tent with strawbails then covering would work ok. (vegetable oil the whole tent and make sure its wrinkle free to recover the nylon.)


  • Straw / Sand / Clay / Sawdust can be used for building materials too.


Things to collect


  • Start collecting extra pallets to mud over. Or split logs to burn and use for cordwood building.
  • Couple tents, screen tent to put over tub would be handy.
  • If you have dry storage cement is handy to keep around for day projects. Type  1 / 2 there is type s which has more lime(can absorbe more water and flakes apart more according to a youtube video) its better for soil stabilizer to add to clay mixtures almost like putting on smooth mud when done properly(red clay looks good when finished might be hard to find around the river though the green grey stuff should work too when dried and crushed).  and the other has more portland in it which is better for waterproofing/hardning.


Getting power

I can 3d print water turbines that can provide enough power for lighting at night time. If you connect it to a truck there should be no problems.

Extra Links papercrete building if you ever need to get rid of paper or woodchips. biobrick paper and pressure – party horns waverunner / jetski rebuild guide. Electric  would be handier as the river could provide recharges. Could put up camera’s and signs saying “under survelence” to protect them also gps could be installed into them.



PVC with holes drilled in it or even just hose with holes in it and air pump. (smaller bubbles the better)


Rules for a sign

  • Swim before getting in hottub.
  • No spilling drinks in hottub. ( makes water look better longer )
  • Empty out hot tub after leaving site so the water does not cause others to get sick after sitting for months. ( salt or silver might help but i doubt itd last a whole summer)


Party games



there are also inflatable 4 person inflatable hottubs out now too.



have seen stock waterer tanks used , inflatables can be around 300 new for larger ones. homemade can be created with concrete easily and affordably. browse youtube for more ideas until site gets more updates.

use natural plants to clean the water like lilly’s / cat tails and other grasses that can filter water. more soon