Movie Sharing System

this is a video of the future 100 years ago

6 billion people multiplied by 100 = 600,000,000,000 years of human advancement 1920’s


a way around movie piracy issues to keep both movie producers and people who want to watch movies happy. gets rid of the bulk and provides an alternative to satellite systems.

  • local wifi to share a spice server save on internet transmission costs and reduce latency
  • collect dvd movies from people and add to a local repository/database of movies to share with eachother like a video store
  • one session per movie for a viewer to avoid legal issues could use spice or vnc with webp support
  • a library licence can do movie theater like viewings



laws for movies in canada

im not a lawer so this information is for educational purpose only

as far as i can tell fair use has personal backups covered

also i found this

“Circumventing a digital lock raises different legal issues. The Canadian digital lock rules are amongst the most restrictive in the world, but they do not carry significant penalties for individuals. Under the new law, it is not an infringement to possess tools or software that can be used to circumvent digital locks and liability is limited to actual damages in non-commercial cases. As former Conservative Member of Parliament Lee Richardson noted last year, this suggests that individuals are unlikely to face legal action if they circumvent a digital lock, though larger institutions may establish policies prohibiting the practice.”

have also read there are other supreme court rulings on the matter that allow the owner to make a backup copy to protect their assets.