Flu – Influenza

lingering effects of sars and covid – cough and craps, getting sick again is as easy as going to the store with these advanced flue’s.


MERS-CoV is another thing to watchout for because it has a killrate of 34% and has been around since 2012


  • Italy had 475 people die in 24 hours and 4000 new infections same day Mar 19th 2020 – from 20, to 200 per day in 2 weeks then to 470 a week later. Maybe wet heated floor mats can incubate it more in ectoplasm or other organic materials ? and it can be transmitted with alot humidity splashing into the air and blowing around. Sounds almost spore like if you group sick people together and they dissapear faster(lung infections from more in the air).
  • 10-30k per year die from flu suposedly since early 2000 so there are probably alot of kids out there without homes. adoption programs could probably use some innovation maybe by combining pleasure or work 15min-1 day per month or something to that effect to good homes.


  • increased labido – might be from the rooster
  • cough runny nose – mild to sever depending on activitys
  • shortness of breath while eating
  • tickles in the throat
  • diarrhea and burning sensation
  • lethargic
  • hotflashes / feeling flushed
  • bad memory and feeling unintelligent
  • sore body parts usually not all at once. (dna changes? or virus isolation)
  • mutated reoccuring infections might overwelm the bodys machinery causing death in 4-6 weeks ? randomly modifying mRNA



  • I might know the secret to the Flu… buckles gel capsules.
  • Cars gummy multivitamins $10 are good but its not always good to overdo it, not sure if vitamin A helps or hampers yet thought ide read about it somewhere. maybe one every week or 2
  • humidifier helps alot, I put pans filled with water in-front of the heater during winter. The moisture can make it last longer on surfaces too so if you live with others wash surfaces well. other option is a spray bottle with water (empty fabreeze bottle worked good)
  • sprite or 7up + water 50/50 mix refreshing to drink (presidents choice spritz up is what I had on hand)
  • smelling,eating,smoking cannabis can both cause salvation and lungs to feel moist.
  • twingy’s tea manderine orange or earl grey in mild dose couple dunks unless making more than 1 cup then go till color changes dont breathe in fumes
  • dont drink coffee with buckleys


  • Tried a yellow and clear one when my ribs started to hurt and I could not stand more after an hour it was a good day then finished it off with a blue and woke up fine with good mucus.(smoking tobacco and weed mix still in bong) feeling good.
  • waited a whole day to take a red one woke up with sore ribs again. was a little dry for smoking with after a nap. I think a clear one would have been better but still seems ok.
  • lots of sleep, I feel taking a blue one before bed is benificial to the ribs.
  • clear one was working again had a blue one to sleep
  • woke up feeling great and did not need one.
  • got doused with handsanitizer from an enclosed room and heater all night evaporating it (csmoke smoke shop) picked up smokes elseware.(be careful some hand sanitizers contain some very powerful anti microbials)

still getting sick on and off because of other medication such as resperidone which makes you retarded and unable to fight infection aswell.


going into stores after healing up causes me to have pain in the missing rib area. virus acts like its airborne might actually be, hard to get solid facts on it because its relatively new still.


untested herbal research( buckleys without flem reducer works best i’ve found)



The reason it kills is because it feels fine then all of a sudden can cause the lungs to itch making it hard to eat or breathe. does not feel like severe flu because the cough and runny nose are mild but an inwards laugh can set off respatory issues.


  • COVID-19 suposedly Has a killrate of 4% and can survive on paper surfaces 4 to 5 days. Probably making life uncomfortable aswell if you do live through the accelerated flu cycles of evolving viruses. (suposedly 2 months for a cure but that might be untested and also require another cure because it would be rushed to market) might be zombie apocalypse soon as summer progresses… suposedly 6′ away is how far spit from talking can fly. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/coronaviruses-how-long-can-they-survive-on-surfaces
  • influenza/disease  H1N1, H5N1, SARS, COVID-19 – 20 years of evolving and its now changing host RNA.
  • was thought initially to be an mRNA modifier which is used to transcode DNA so it might have what some call shingles afterwards even years later.


neat concept, could use a exhaust vent and more cotten ontop. might have alu fumes due to the inside not being coated other end might work too.




might be a good idea to install these outside of buildings with a heat blower and optical sensor before going into store instead of inside. that way i wont keep getting handsanitizerd.


this is a good video but does not cover extra cellular modifications like any mRNA changes it can cause

https://www.sciencealert.com/small-trial-found-antimalarial-is-not-effective-for-treating-coronavirus – said the patients were sick and dead after trying it.

they say lying on your belly with a scuba mask ventilator works well.

there are also makeshift resuscitators being used as ventilators can be 3d printed from thingiverse.

laying on your side can either dry out one lung faster if you need to almost like you can hear it drain sometimes.