Hybrid Cars

beware of older hybrids smelling like battery a bit, the ni-mh ones dont have a smell but there is usually a taste in your mouth/nose after also your eyes and arms can feel like burning. the lithium ones seem to have a different smell/feel to them. ventilation could use work because it still comes in contact with air in the cab. in mine it was a case of missing filter cover on rear battery looked like black soot everywhere.

  • would suggest removing batterys and pressure washing vehicle out every after lifting frontend with a tractor to get rid of any acid on the fabric and dust or when buying older used hybrids never know what happened to it before you bought it, might even be good practice to do this every 3 years.
  • use rug cleaner / wetvac to wash the seats/carpet and keep it aired out, put a white sheet ontop of the batteries to reflect some of the sun off it during summer months and any extra work you can do to sealing up the vent compartment possibly adding in your own fan on a timer and something around the filter and exhaust like a cover.
  • hopefully there will be supercapacitor replacements or a way to use existing good cells to make half a battery and cover the rest with capacitors.


Brigs and Straton had a 6 wheel 18 hp hybrid-electric car back in 1980

New concept would be to make a closed system Tesla turbine hybrid and see what it can do maybe ammonia or steam.

  • Jeffery hayes said the TeslaTurbines can be in the 55% efficiency ranges for single stage.
  • another idea would be to make isolated gas streams and ignite them on the across the blades themselfs pulsed to spin.
  • add Tesla valves where needed.
  • some closed loop systems can have a carnot efficiency of over 1.
  • add solar paint to new hybrids and TEG’s to get more energy possibly 10 mpg or 20 hp extra. briefcase TEG’s should be able to make a 500 to 1kw

it’ll get really easy to find good deal on ford escape hybrids that get 32 mpg. some will come up with ultracapacitor hacks when old battery’s become obsolete. many of them are roadtested to million miles so 600k km almost hasle free can be expected.

hard to beat a good hybrid-electric for the price if you do alot of travel, 50mpg from a toyota prius hybrid for around 6-12k dollars. and chevy volt can get 75ish mpg for around 20-30k.

2017 Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid for 23k CDN looks like good option close to 60 mpg for 2019 models


water powered car

stanley meyers came up with the concept in 1998 which was 20 years ago now. not too much progress has been made designing a plugin hybrid one that can sustain itself for travels.

according to wiki

“electrolysis (PEM or alkaline electrolysis) which have an effective electrical efficiency of 70-80%, producing 1 kg of hydrogen (which has a specific energy of 143 MJ/kg or about 40 kWh/kg) requires 50–55 kWh of electricity.”

fuel cells are 40-60% efficient with potential to 80-90% lasting around 20 years ? making electric drive the preferred way to travel.

explosion potential from these can be overted with proper tanks/hoses/sensors even in crash instances.

Bob Lazar”s Car


class 3 mobility scooters have no speed limits or need for drivers licence or insurance . i read it can require it be registered though before driving on road. – 150 dollar bike trailer.

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Volta+X+-+Electric+Motorcycle is also legal without a licence/insurance but is limited to 32km/h


use caution when buying a used tesla online posted just after new years 2019.


gocart using cordless drills

A Quartet of Drills Put The Spurs To This Electric Utility Vehicle

that electric gocart might work better with a clutch like bicycle pedals, have one drill set for lowspeed torque and one for highspeed. turn on both initially then shut one off when a certain speed is reached.



VW diesel 1.9L turbo 200 HP  gets 60+ miles per gallon, 50L to fill and gives over 1000km


Lotus Eco Elise Made of Hemp and Hempcrete