GPS Mowers

I had came up with the idea mowing a neighbors lawn during my school years when I was 14ish many years ago to use GPS for mowing lawns and fields. I emailed john deer about the idea 20 years ago and they are currently using it in their farm equiptment.

I recently re-emailed them to see if I qualify for any extra money or royaltys. got no response back so i’m just going to assume that the afterlife will hold something special for me. someone gad a funny suggestion I use an aircrane to take some tractors if they don’t pay. that or just keep sitting on the lost potential i could have used the money for i figure its well over 5 million dollars now. initially only wanted the 10000 dollars + royaltys they had offered to inventors in adverts on television or radio.


I am currently waiting for centimeter accurate GPS to start my own ventures. The ublox m9 sounds promising, there are also some phones with the capability.

more soon.