Life Hacks

Words of wisdom

  • when you borrow something try to return it in better shape than how you got it. (even if its just washing it)

Things to eat

The George Forman Grill Life – meals ready in 10 min (low sodium)

  • remember to cook on low heat should not make much smoke at all, also the top gets hotter than the bottom so remember to flip it.
  • chicken nuggets require higher heat to get more crispy faster so i set it about halfway sometimes.
  • rule of thumb when the green light usually turns off its close to done so remember to unplug to save power.
  • wipe down before every (after cooking hamburgers/bacon) i just use paper towel.

Monthly Costs

  • Chicken Nuggets – 3kg bag – 20 dollars
  • 24   x   1/4lb unseasoned beef paddys – 20 dollars
  • 4-6 loafs of bread – some people have sensitivity to bread so 2 loafs is lots..  homemade is even better – 1 tbs vegetable oil,  3 1/2 cups flour ,1 1/2 tbs sugar , 1 1/2 (liquid cup warm water , 1 1/2 tsp yeast, pinch of salt. base recipe, get more crafty with flax seed / nuts raisens / cinnamon / eggs (to help it rise better).
  • Yogurt – small packs of individual servings. the lemon merangue and keylime yoplait ones are good.
  • make your own veggy dishes (ideal to have a divider sealed container tray )   sugar peas , coliflaur, broccoli, carrots,green peppers sliced.   ceaser / ranch dressing  (without propaline glycol-nasty stuff)   Kraft makes great dressings, pc (presidents choice) stuff you have to watch out for. also they seal the veggies in nitrogen sometimes so in old bags the taste is kinda bad)
  • 2 x 5% sour cream and 8 regular potato chips  (its nice to keep cheesy’s around incase the urge strikes) wallmart prices are nice
  • chewable multivitamins
  • dozen eggs and package of bacon – ( grill half pack of bacon to get most of the fat out of it)  then just fry a strip or 2 of bacon with the eggs at the same time in a pan when you want some.
  • cream cheese x 6 pack bagels
  • package of hotdogs/vegan? (great for when you crave some salt) (wallmart had some pretty crappy vegan hotdogs.. too much liquid smoke and felt like rubber after microwaving)
  • 2 bag of grapes – try to look for grapes that look good on the bottom and top of the bag, make sure the main stems arnt brown yet or the grapes could be fermenting already(kinda gives a sugar / booze high)
  • 4L of 2 or 3% milk
  • 1 stick of salted butter
  • seeded popcorn and maker(has advantages over microwaving seems less shelly because its broken up better)
  • jar of jam is nice to have for when you get a sweet tooth.
  • lettuce romain i like to have it once a week big huge bowls worth with baccon bits and crutons(ends of the breadmaker loafs).

cattleboys bbq sauce really good stuff.

Stay away from irradiated cans of food (any canned food unless done yourself) and any sweets containing propylene glycol.

if your hooked on energy drinks apple juice helps cut the craving. i’ve tasted the mint marker taste too many times drinking energy drinks and cola’s. something had gone wrong with the caffiene dispenser ( very dangerous ).

if you want to see if foods are good for you, find someone with a fatty liver or kidney problems and see how it effects them ( pain in the sides after consuming is common when drinking a beer or something sweet).

campbells tomato soup + egg + pepper + tablespoon of butter + extra water worked good. extra soup and keeps you full longer also reduces sugar. if you want grate up some cheese into the bottom of a bowl and pour soup in.


tip for the wise be careful where you buy groceries, there are alot of retarded, overperfumed or drug  people that walk through wallmart. try to stick to places with more open space in the meat dairy sections. ive seen things like yogurt, hotdogs, various candy’s , chocolate bars, chips  taste like perfume and make one ill. i’ve seen alot of it come from dollarama store where they are stupid and put it beside the checkout line.


ebay page, tips for distilling water and humidity maintenance



Thrift store dvd video’s $2 each usually


RSS news feeds, pick your favorite news streams and add them into a rss news reader. look for them on your favorite sites or ask them to add one. if you like to make your own custom feeds tinyrss and wordpress have great integration.


Toxic people

warn your children about touching other people these days. the medical industry has let fentanyl become a major problem to everyone specially health care workers who change the patches(goes right through the gloves) and mesuses(massages) who have to rub those sore contaminated spots. it gets on and stays lurking in rubber and plastic simply by touching it. its odorless and is an incapacitant , makes one feel useless when doing high level thinking. opioids are dangerous and are easy for people to spot when touched or inhaled, but are invisible to see.

  • when you touch it you can taste it if its a high dose on the left side of the tongue if you have a sensitivity to it.
  • its not noticeable instantly it takes about 10 to 15 min to notice an elevated heartrate (harder beat if you lay down) and lethargy (lack of high level thinking / motivation for highlevel tasks).
  • at even mild doses causes urge to crap.
  • eyes burn / irritated.
  • peaks at 1 hour and lasts for 3 for even mild doses.
  • stays in cloths, rubber , plastic and does not easily wash out. rubs off easily on other objects to contaminate them to annoying levels.
  • might even transform existing materials into the drug itself (freeing up carbon chains or something).
  • the worst part is that your hands poison the food you eat and it makes digestion harder.
  • stays in the skin for a long time (maybe years)
  • cleaning is next to impossible without decontamination spray. it instantly goes through a wet rag too.
  • 50x more potent than heroin and 100x more potent than morphine. (carfentanyl is even more dangerous)
  • avoid things like interact machines with rubber coating ( tim hortons)
  • smoking cigaretts makes it more tolerable / not noticable because it keeps the brain frequency lower or more constant.
  • smoking weed enhances its effects. (makes weed not as happy and too intense)
  • never let anyone with hands like that in your fridge or it will spread to your food and through the plastic containers. also it can end up on the food from the grocery store handeling money that is contaminated.(getting worse from laced cocaine.)
  • dangerous for driving
  • interact machines should have metal keys and metal box, or the tap cards should have facial recognition.
  •  the only spray i know of, but have been unable to get any from them.
  • surfactants make it spread on contact more, baking soda makes it more lipid soluable ( milk might help remove it ).   chicken grease/transfats makes it spread through the skin more(gets you high again).
  • i was given a high five once and it wrecked my day and could feel it in my hands.


personally i think they should have to move to a place where toxic people live where they cant spread it to regular people. the government did this to us by allowing it to be used and still continue to use it in the health care industry. The worst part is they dont even warn people about it and probably know dam well.


  • pretty sure someone could sue for negligence.
  • even cops / doctors probably have a bit in their system because its practically everywhere already and still goto work under the influence (practically unavoidable but impairs thinking) easily accessible opioid test kits would prove it.


sofar i’ve gotten too much caffeine in coke pepsi and rockstar drinks 🙁 so beware to only try a sip or 2 from a fresh case before drinking a whole can.



Cleaning Tips


when washing floor mats / rugs be wary of drugs and chemicals that can bind with surfactants(fabric softeners)+drugs like fentanol . never wash them with your regular cloths and be careful because it can contaminate the whole washing machine(plastic outer cylinder) ( some washers fill only half way yet the liquid runs all the way to the top on big loads so keep that in mind ).

fentanyl is 50x stronger than heroin and 100x stronger than morphine so be careful who you let in your house/vehicles.

FirstLine tech Decon products.

they use sodium hydroxide and perasitit acid as part of their formula aparently. the other part might be lipids(fat) and baking soda to make slightly basic and more lipid soluble.



maybe that arm and hammer baking soda detergent works good. just a suggestion.

lots of hot water dawn dish soap seemed to help aswell.


Things to stay away from

  • dollarama ducktape if your going to be rubbing it alot it will itch
  • wallmart electrical tape , stinks alot after removing the wrapper. im sure theres better stuff not sure where where yet.
  • dollarama sandwich gloves 50pcs – caused major rash on my hand
  • dollarama wireless computer mice, they need to be taken apart and washed very well with hot water.
  • dollarama steering wheel cover smells like aweful rubber. probably makes the old wheel stink too.