https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3591474 HydroArc , 3d printable water turbine


with flow ,head height vs outlet height calculate how much available power can be extracted.

beavers are some of the best dam builders there are so live trapping can be worthwhile if you need to for smaller creeks.


peltier wheels can be 3d printed in PLA or ABS and are cost effective for power production if you have the PSI to make them spin.

squirrel cages from old furnaces work well for keeping batteries charged.


grey water systems can be designed to collect hydropower or clean surfaces. in some homes this can be used to flush toilette.

rainwater can be harvested and used to prevent drought and lack of water in populated areas. gutters can be easily converted to do this for you. have seen stacked 45 gallon blue plastic rain barrels used for this.

KCT turbine – ( kouris centri turbine )


https://www.kourispower.com  – patent expired  – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravitation_water_vortex_power_plant https://patents.google.com/patent/US6114773A/en


very neat technology, on a mass global scale it could influence earths rotational energy ?


different ways to collect water in the desert. supposedly twining water works but i’ve never tried.


would like to see more of these in series maybe combined with KCT turbines(like a toilette in series) to make around 40 to 50 watts 🙂 even 5-12 watts would be neat and useful for lighting or remote computing applications.





might be able to get a hp out of one of these



have also seen old ebike rims converted into waterwheels and windmills easily. (canada should allow higer power ebikes if we want to run our airconditioners all day in the future.