Month: March 2019

netpipe March 29, 2019

Hacker News – Dogs demonstrate the existence of an epileptic seizure odour in humans Slashdot – Researchers Find 36 New Security Flaws In LTE Protocol Engadget – Boston Dynamics’ new Handle robot heads to the warehouse Ars Technica – Serious Magento bug will likely be exploited in the wild by card skimmers Next Big Future […]

netpipe March 28, 2019

Distill – Visualizing memorization in RNNs Green Car Congress – Fortum boosts Li-ion battery recycling rate to more than 80% Next Big Future – US, Russia, China and India Can Shoot Down Satellites Hacker News – Teeny-Tiny Bluetooth Transmitter Runs on Less Than 1 Milliwatt Nano Patents and Innovations – 4D-Printed Materials Can Be Stiff […]

netpipe March 23, 2019

Green Car Congress – China researchers synthesize high-density aviation fuel with cellulose Slashdot – Over 100,000 GitHub Repos Have Leaked API or Cryptographic Keys Engadget – Over 20,000 Facebook employees had access to 600 million user passwords Slashdot – Three or More Eggs a Week Increase Your Risk of Heart Disease and Early Death, Study […]

netpipe March 23, 2019

there are over 15 million copies of the book “men are from mars women are from venus” sold its a point based love game geared towards women empowerment… head games women play on men so watch out for the crazies.

netpipe March 19, 2019

Hack a Day – EBay Modules And Custom PCBs Make A Plug And Play Ham Transceiver Hack a Day – Origami Gripper Is Great For Soft And Heavy Objects Big Think – Scientists reactivate cells from 28,000-year-old woolly mammoth Hack a Day – Es’hail-2: Hams Get Their First Geosynchronous Repeater Hack a Day – Hands-On: […]

netpipe March 9, 2019

governments should have a taxdollar tracker website for spend over 50 million seems like the number they tell people about is 500 million seems harder to keep track these days more than ever

netpipe March 6, 2019

Slashdot – Linux 5.1 Continues The Years-Long Effort Preparing For Year 2038 Slashdot – Microsoft Will Launch Disc-Less, ‘All Digital’ Xbox One S Next Month, Report Says Slashdot – Google Open-Sources GPipe, a Library For Training Large Deep Neural Networks Hacker News – Tensorflow 2.0.0-Alpha0 Hack a Day – 3D Print Your Own Electric Screwdriver […]

netpipe March 4, 2019

i think the future of BCI will be to quantum entangle a neuron or a quantum tunnel on an object planted in the brain or body for wireless interfaces. would work better than neural link. possibly a whole eardrum. 1200km or 750 mile range sofar would like to connect it to a gpu or movidius […]

netpipe March 2, 2019

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – Open-source software tracks neural activity in real time Engadget – Elon Musk: Expect a cheaper Tesla in ‘2 – 3 years’ Hacker News – Deep Learning from Scratch to GPU: CUDA and OpenCL Hacker News – Deep Learning to Federated Learning in 10 Lines of PyTorch and PySyft Hacker News […]