Month: January 2022

netpipe January 31, 2022

Winamp Skin Museum   amazing page I almost missed this in my rss feed post. now im unsure who the original credit belongs to. either way here it is, a working web winamp.

netpipe January 30, 2022

Blog – Hackaday – Floating Solar Farms Are Taking The World’s Reservoirs By Storm Blog – Hackaday – One-piece Geared Hinge Can Take the Weight Blog – Hackaday – Rainwater Storing Gojo Is A Stroke Of Genius Blog – Hackaday – Major Bug Grants Root for All Major Linux Distributions Blog – Hackaday – Pocket-Sized […]

netpipe January 23, 2022

while self driving cars are becomming a thing the technology for roads must be improved too. were going to need radio sensors like rfid or something that can recharge with vibration waves and transmit when a detector is above it to have roads that are practically lineless during the winter.   solution to drill holes […]

netpipe January 23, 2022   I have not tried them yet but for 109 dollars its worth a try. comparing to other places its almost half off the price.

netpipe January 23, 2022

Hacker News – Faster CPython (2021) [pdf] Slashdot – Elon Musk’s Brain Implant Company Is Inching Toward Human Trials, Report Says Slashdot – Google is Building an AR Headset Blog – Hackaday – This DIY Microscope Design is All Wet Blog – Hackaday – Online Tool Turns STLs into 3D ASCII Art Hack a Day […]

netpipe January 23, 2022 the 6 inch and 8 inch versions are cheaper under 100 dollars.

netpipe January 20, 2022

the inner pads of your feet seem to annoy every part of your brain if you frequency glitch them. even done remotely or with implants can cause total chaos. vibrator implants or dr hoes can easily do it also probably allow you to hear other peoples thoughts if there is any kinda of connection.

netpipe January 19, 2022

I remember having a problem with a mentally retarded kids dad at school(he threatened me telepathically and i threatened him back) and it turns out there are more like them… the last name lalonde seems to be have some kinda telepathic retardation very dangerous and has idetic memory. they would claim to be the […]