Camping / Survival

some things to build/eat can be found at Far North Bushcraft And Survival.

tree bark and also wild salads. 12×12′ square survival tent.–1CtJXMYw making fire with a lemon.

pemmican making have only quickly looked at this, not sure how good it is yet. the first link probably has better books. maybe there is cell phone app for this too. 25 edible plants

other tips Fun In the Woods – a couple great ideas for keeping warm including underfloor heating.

growing mushrooms and other tree fungi. bushcraft torches , in comments it says grind up cattail and pine pitch maybe worth a try.

for bushcraft candle ideas, there is animal fats, birch oil , pine tar from fatwood, pine pitch. pinetar uses is  antiseptic for wounds , waterproofing and sealing up wood. birch oil is more of a wood/leather moisturizer. some candles are mixes of the 3 for desired effect. also beeswax can be obtained from a nest but not necessary or much yeild with tree oil so abundant. also vegetable oil seems to burn well with a wick.


UCO candle lanturn – tea candle mod with redbull can – glass tighten mod.




when dealing with keeping warm remember that trapped air makes the best insulator for keeping warm, cotten can make the world of difference in the winter time because of all the trapped air.




things you may need to put in an ultralight backpack

mylar blankets – take 4 or 5 because roughly 2 dollars each

might want 2 of these mylar sleeping bag , 3 dollars each.

some small tarps are another good idea, pick blue for visibility in survival situations also so you dont loose where you put camp.

2 mil 9′ x 12′ plastic drop sheets.

7 dollars, other option is to get the 30 dollar one with a radio and flashlight – things your cellphone should be able to do for you anyway.


bought the small version that folds into 3 inch by 4 inch. 8 dollars fits inside my cantine cup. also found a neat trick where the long metal peice  weaves into one of the 3 outer slots.

headlamp with motion sensor usb rechargable. 14 dollars


safe sound personal alarm keychain . figured might work good for bears and other game can be rigged to tripwire too. 6 dollars



  • you’ll need a cantine and some kinda titanium or stainless cooking pot – pathfinder makes a cheap stainless steel set at 4lbs with water bringing it to 8 lb. if you get titanium the cooking surface can be kinda strange because its easier to burn things. amazon is a great place to look for ”

    “GI Style Stainless Steel Canteen” Type 3512 and cup + lid Rothco makes them

    . here are the guidelines for stainless steel cookware dont go with aluminum because it causes alzheimers

  • solar firestarter mirror or lense 3 dollars
  • survival shovel foldable sometimes comes with axe attachment , nice for digging a pit putting sticks under it for air layer as insulation then dirt ontop for a bed. or chopping wood
  • survival knife with fishing line and compass, maybe a machete aswell heavy enough to be axe.
  • flint and striker
  • foldable handsaw 210 – 250mm
  • foldable slingshot with wrist support 10 dollars – or pocket shot balloon type  under 10 dollars, could also go with the arrow version for 100 . shepards staff sling might also be viable option.
  • survival cards, they have stainless multiuse cards many different kinds some even with detachable fishing hooks.
  • first aid kit
  • tea infuser ball for making coffee or tea.
  • outdoor hiking poncho also doubles as a tarp if you need extra. 18 dollars
  • large compass.
  • tree hammoc for 2 people with bugnet – 30 dollars
  • a pellet gun might be good idea, crossman 1377 and crossman 1322   are both pump action, .177 is 600 FPS and .22 is 465 FPS much higher than crossbow at only 160 unless you get a compound crossbow pistol still weight and size are more. also you can always fab up a sweedish bow from sticks if needed. hypermax pellets can go through both sides of soupcan because more pointy.
  • another good idea if you dont want to boil all your water is a UV light stainless steel water bottle with usb charger just be sure not to stare into the uv light as it can damage DNA.
  • solar panels seem to be half the rated output so if you get 20 watts 10 should be enough for most things like phone charging and also charging battery pack.
  • hemp string or extra fishing line for snares and fishing
  • pacing beads 13 beads and a string.
  • soap
  • signal flare or road flare
  • rite in the rain notepad or notepad in ziplock bag – also good firestarter
  • map/s
  • antacid / multivitamins
  • lipchap
  • stainless wire
  • TP – paper pellets , washcloth with bag or maybe some folded tp in a bag – i hear bamboo paper towel is very reusable too.  maybe this works good
  • firstaid kit – also zipstich from wallmart
  • sewing kit also maybe some suter needles for firstaid stiches
  • ducktape and/or electrical tape / gurilla tape
  • hose / some pens
  • flexible cutting board maybe a milkjug.
  • tooth brush / paste /deoderant / bugspray / sunscreen
  • leatherman or foldable pliers from ebay.
  • fork / spoon knife and can opener in one from ebay.
  • sunglasses
  • grapple hook / carribeaners /  quick releases something maybe get fancy with one like catapult
  • rope , hemp twine , 100ft 550lb paracord – 6 dollars     / also a roll of smaller nylon or paracord for building tents and beds. spectra line 1050 3mm rope for repelling
  • telascopic baton – better than a stick that will break.
  • throwing knifes or spikes also a good option.


I was able to get a whole pack ready around 10LB sofar still need a couple more things.

scotch eye wood auger bit one of these or a smaller version might be good for making quick rocket stove. a string bow might also be able to do it with the proper bit. probably easier to make them from dirt and rocks though. if you make them from 4×4’s 6 inches long they can cook well for an hour without feeding them im sure you can cement the inside to make a more permanent one. could also be used for making blow dart gun.



  • some dry food you can boil, grits, corn meal, rolled oats
  • powdered eggs and maybe other powdered or dehydrated foods.
  • laxitive

might also want to put some survival books on your phone for making traps / snares.


got the materials from dollarama, fold the string in half and melt center point then feed beeds on for pace counter / ranger beads. cheepest option on ebay was 20 dollars for 13 beads and a peice of string.