Month: February 2021

netpipe February 27, 2021

going to start a new page soon explaining the dangers of consumer goods where the manufacture process can go bad. should have a spot to submit product complaints so others know.   sofar in my museam of bad products I have. coca cola – undrinkable because of the high caffeine content probably.  from 3 years […]

netpipe February 18, 2021

new forms of crypto currency designed to force an environmental movement to be able to have an AI that can fix and bring fairness to our lives. personal security was its main goal because dolphin attacks and things are real. an example of some environmental disasters are. prime coin modified with extra verification factors maybe […]

netpipe February 12, 2021

Ars Technica – New RISC-V hardware designs from 5G startup EdgeQ Ars Technica – FDA now reviewing a third COVID vaccine, this one made by Johnson & Johnson Ars Technica – Mac utility Homebrew finally gets native Apple Silicon and M1 support Ars Technica – Raspberry Pi OS added a Microsoft repo. No, it’s not […]

netpipe February 12, 2021

I just remembered a strange memory as a kid. when hunting gophers I vaguely remember them being able to telepathically get into my brain with a strange fart feeling and a thud in my skull. anyone else ever experienced this ? email

netpipe February 12, 2021

Big Think – Venus flytrap jaws create tiny magnetic fields when they snap shut Nano Patents and Innovations – New Quantum ‘Sensor Detects All Radio Frequencies Blog – Hackaday – Learn Bil Herd’s DIY Surface Mount Assembly Process Blog – Hackaday – Building An Ultrasonic Levitation Rig Blog – Hackaday – AM/FM Radio Gets Bluetooth […]

netpipe February 10, 2021

since god does not like gay people he might have left because he see’s everything ( all possibility’s ) which would mean its literally just too gay here for him to want to help you. probably why the environment will be devastated in some of our lifetimes.    

netpipe February 1, 2021

Hacker News – Neural Geometric Level of Detail: Real-Time Rendering with Implicit 3D Surfaces Hacker News – Migrants to the US are up to 6 times more productive than migrants elsewhere New Scientist – – New Scientist – Black holes leak energy when they eat plasma near the event horizon Scientific American – News – […]

netpipe February 1, 2021 << virtualbox version of tinycorelinux with browser and arduinoIDE… early version still needs things like pcmanfm recompile to make the apps launch better. also persistant home mod     was able to make it better by setting the arduino home directory to /mnt/sda1/Dev/Arduino   sound is not working here yet (soon) both ftdi and […]