Royalty Free Music


  • Public Domain harddrives with classic movies on them are available in various places online.
  • Big Buck Bunny – opensource movie created with blender
  • Frank vs God – YouTube
  • youtube has some pretty interesting series and movies i’m really enjoying premium subscription vvs has the most popcorn movie flix has lots too also there are some westerns.

Youtube links / playlists


  • Google Music subscriptions for 10 dollars a month gives you access to their music selection without buying the albums.
  • Netflix
  • Amazon prime online movies service
  • iTunes



debunking science ficion

oldschool zombie movie formulas just by guess some of the tools would be.

executioner wasp stings or other venoms combined with devils trumpet, methamphetamine, and barbiturates also fentanyl there could also be gene activated stuff for survival like mothers instinct and adrenaline enhancers also awakened pig genes that eat faces.


new age zombies

implantable non removable microchips that reward for eating also tagging others you could have resupply bags drone delivered with injectors use 2 or more for anti tamper or limb removal also a toxin with release mechanism. could deliver high frequency or stimulate the brain with digital drugs or actual.

another method would be to attach money to reward from an object recognition system also verify system maybe a witness like in the movie nerve.


time travel would be from point of recording by an aware ai so basically something that recorded your traits and recorded them in 3d of a whole globe maybe even robots overlayed directly(different form of matter bound to cause inter-dimensional issues) or indirectly overtop of you mimicking your thought patterns. even cell phones culd probably sense enough data to know what went on.