3d printing with blender works great a few things to note are.

  • importing/exporting stl files
  • calculating normals to outside
  • checking exported models in cura layer mode – sometimes its missing layers or has filled in holes.
  • ruler and compass tool usage.
  • tab gets you into vertex mode,
  • you use ctrl tab in vertex mode to switch between vertex edge and face select.
  • the hot keys to know are n and t for properties and how to add mesh modifiers like boolean.
  • 5 on keypad for ortho mode
  • also enable the some plugins by default for spacebar menu’s and exporting stl files
  • also if your measure ments dont add up apply the scale and rotation before exporting with shift + A. there is an option to see edge lengths and it has different measurements than the ruler sometimes because of that.
  • shift c centers the part shift s snaps part to center
  • use spacebar -> mesh ->normals calculate to outside to make the object more uniform its easy to see faces that are wound the wrong way
  • period on the keypad focuses onto the selected part
  • merge verticies to simplify parts that have too many with w



very usefull app for both 3d printing, game and movie making.


there is a network plugin for multiuser and rendering in 2.67+ versions of blender now.

BlenderVerse was the old version of the multi user editor.







dynamic plugin menu and 3d print toolbox are essential