Ebay / Amazon

Neat Ideas

  • 1.5l ultrasonic humidifier – very decent job, easy to clean and in a small room it can become quite foggy fast. ( seems like a dry humidity that can linger in the air more than steam)
  • 4L Water Distiller Pure Purifier Filter All Stainless Steel –  120 dollars- start with hot water from the tap – reduces run time down to 3 hours have an automatic timer to turn it off before it gets to the bottom to enhance quality and to make the waste safer/easier to manage/clean.  also i buy 12 at a time keurig activated charcoal filters off ebay as replacements.
  • arduino pcb’s
  • cd roms
  • ozone generators
  • locking grease nipple adapter – decided to go with univer-co locking grease adapter because of fitting into tighter spots. (untested still  check back next year )


  • usb condenser microphone  – ebay 20 dollars. great linux support
  • tea kettle


Storage Options

roll n store –

dollar store duramax clear bins – great for sorting electronics / arduino modules and parts.


Tips for opening ebay items

  • Includes anything in a sealed closed box with either tape or cellophane / plastic wrap. open outside in wind preferable to keep out harmful chemicals that concentrate in the trapped air also they deposit on the surface of the items aswell. I like to use a cloth and gloves to clean it after aswell also maybe a file to file off any sharp edges.
  • If it still stinks leave it outside in the sun for a few days or on a furnace vent in a room you can close off. ( dvd’s movies and electronic pcbs is usually a good idea to do this for aswell )
  • Wash things in a ventelated area with hot water if they stink, PCB’s and Plastics. its usually enough to dilute it down, some things like stinky rubber just throw away (sun curing sometimes works to help the issue) to keep EP to a minimum.
  • Steam Blower/Cleaner from a clothes iron – DIY – YouTube    << one of these would work for cleaning parts too.


Great computer chair that has lasted almost 20 years only the hydraulic cylinder was replaced. I outgrew how high the arm rests should go and it collects dust inside the seat so Ide made an incision near the front used to clean it out a garden hose once a year would work too.