$ and sense

life advice

always check your pockets before washing cloaths.


Web Security

its nice online to use an alias last name for some signup services and it still works at the post office if it looks close to the orig.


Common Password

  • memorize a few passwords 3 or 4 minimal number for most signup, basic sites using the same password can be reused. use different levels of caution for each password incase its compromised and where you use it.
  • for sites that require longer passwords one easy way to make web password is the site name plus a mod number like awebsite.com would be awebsite234. If thats the password modifier so you then only need to remember 234 as your common password (not very secure but easier to remember).


Financial Advice


Account must have a positive balance at least once every 30 days. with scotiabank it needs 2 business days aswell.



sub contracting, taxes , book keeping etc…




investing at 7 or 15 percent interest yearly make your money work for you. be it through starting a business or getting it from financial investments. there are high risk investments and guarenteed investements for different interest rates.

good planning,research and coordination make for achieving financial stability.





Digital currency for low energy

perfect for writing iou’s, having personal stock or coins

100 million – 3 billion coins in a database with generated wallet addresses probably around 20mb compressed ?

store a weeks worth of txs in blocks that can be updated like a repository (git or svn) if its older just redownload compressed ledger

divide the databases into 50 to make it easier on searching for coin addresses and r/w to harddrive.

decentralized or centralized

use md5sums on databases as part of the verify method, could check 20 or over 50 sources to verify tx if distributed

md5sum database use sum and public key xord to sign tx then use nodes to verify and distribute the tx

md5sum weekly db with previous hour/days block, coins can only be spent once per day or hour

all the processing nodes should have the same checksums after they write the tx blocks themselfs if tx’ the sums dont match then you need to download the hourly block from somewhere else

ideally you would only need about 20 to 50 processing nodes but the more the marrier

the previous hours block, it takes an hour to process tx’s unless you wanted minutely blocks
the tx’s in the block are timestamped so it would know to either check main db or one of the weekly blocks
probably something like coinaddress+publickey(walletaddress)+timestamp UTC

double spending would not be an issue because it takes an hour to process and verify

trusted nodes or central server option for fallback if internet crapsout

tx fee’s could be implimented and collected by the owner of the coin to prevent hft bot trading


Goal Coin

could be a way to double the investment price by acheving the goal of the coin, when goal is reached it will purchase back all the coins. secure stocks.

QTCoin https://github.com/netpipe/EcoCoin