420 Memorabilia

$1 jars from canadian tire. this is how it should be shipped!

Links for Smoking accesories – tips / tricks

Smoking Accessories

torch lighter with metal endstop for a bowl poker, non jetted flame lighter at low has better taste though.

Details about  Medical Stainless Steel Disinfection Cylinder Tray Brucelles Tattoo Makeup Tools the cylinder’s have a bit of lead in them so place into a bag first or better yet use glass. (lead causes sweating if you have a mustash when you smoke)

13 dollars for the whole set – the tray works really well with 3 jars from canadian tire and the metal shovel off ebay. the cylinders had a metal smell to them so i think glass is the better way.

40mm Rainbow Stainless Steel Spice Herb Grinder

great grinder no zink taste or strange feel to the metal. (waiting on mine to get here still)


Metal monkey pipe (waiting for mine currently) paid under 15 dollars. might have the brass tasting hits but we’ll see. better for the lips than wood, easier to clean too.

update: it does have strange hits(I did not like them), Ide probably get a wooden one instead but only for personal use. its more a party pipe that lasts a long time.

Stainless Steel Forceps around 3 dollars, (roach clips). 

  • Good idea to get some small scisors like this too, makes chopping jars feel more comfy.


  • Smoke / toke stones are also cool for smoking roaches metal or glass/ceramic only could easily make them from rocks i suppose too. $2 each on ebay roughly.

35 Dollar bong not sure if i like mine though, seems a bit too tall and for some reason I dont prefer 2 perks eats up too much smoke, shipping also took too long. a broken stem and just bubble it through the top bubbler seemed to work good. would recommend buying a different shorter one around 10  inches(reduces spills , tucks away nicer).


    One good thing to do is put tape on the bottom if you dont have other drugs around, otherwise be sure to set it on a cloth after using. even the little scratches on the bottom can make it weak and break sooner.


  • Silicone oil dab containers, aparently you have to watch out for shiny greasy silicone. the oil stays on fingers and gets into your thc, has a high of its own just by smell / touch (not good). i had to wash my hands off with chlorine water(from a hottub) to get all the grease away, soapy warm water would not do but maybe boiling water would.
  • Small glass containers from canadian tire work for holding about 8 grams of buds cost is 0.99 cents each
  • Found a small metal shovel on ebay that works good for packing bowls from the containers.(comes in 2 sizes the larger one was bigger than expected)


Vaporizers are a personal preference so i’ll leave that topic be.

Tips / Tricks


solid glass bowls are a really nice upgrade to a bong, they do not have the air pockets in them to fill up with old smoke that collects thus making them easier to clean.

if soaking in water and pipe cleaners arnt enough alcohol works good chemicals can stay in the glass pours if you heat it up while cleaning, best to use an abrasive like sand if you have a perc with a dome (just run water and sand through the bottom water reservoir) a little hydrogen peroxide can help too in the water if you can fill the bong full of water/peroxide mix has better penetration.  heat it after hot let dry out then heat it again and use some cold water after to close the glass pours. pipe cleaners help reaching hard to get spots.

when looking for a solution to better bong water I had accidentally came across the finding that if you put half tablespoon of honey in 2 cups of hot water let cool and use that for bong water it does something to the smoke.after 2 bong rips the high was really intense felt almost like the sugar was doing things in the brain. would not recommend doing it unless you had very little weed and wanted to be high all day. also there was a mild hangover or sugar withdrawl the next morning.

Oil Making

Butane honey oil with vacuum purge chamber and silicone non stick mats works probably the best other than blond hash, some kind of tumbler or keif screen setup



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJE6iFEEhvQ this looks like it works better than a barbique, leafblower 420 smoker. need a fresh air intake on it too to smoothen it out also maybe a stainless steel center to cool it down ?.