Growing and Cannabis rented grow spaces business oppertunity for countrys with plant limitations. growing strawberrys from purchased ones.
Bird Bath Tips solar powered fountain for garden ponds, he gets it working at end of video.
remember to clean the birdbath often if you do not use rain water collection system to replenish the water it could become acidic and toxic from city air or microorganisms. a charcoal filter on the solar pump could help aswell. vertical farms for free food and other information on how to make one work.
if cannabis was sold as round bails you could get 500lb for 100 dollars with existing machinery and infrastructure.
plow fields every 5-10 years the longer the better for wallet(sooner is better for the harder clay soils), I have not noticed huge gains in crop production from plowing on mature fields but some really need it.  seeded annual crops like wheat are usually done every year plowing, seeding and harvest is more work but you get straw and oats which are good for weight gain, transporting, treats, easy storage/portability compared to feed crops like alfalfa and timothy hay.  silage bales with balewrap are good for feeding less often in the winter ( usually bale bust them out onto the ground ) silage pits are outdated and very smelly cows seem to really like it but probably gets them pretty high (even the smell of the bales does it to me).  
have seen bobcat with spinning drums and a rotoverter for rock / stick removal.
neat read, this could be used for continious lettuice harvests aswell. expanding shelfs that accomodate plant size to maximize growing space.
something like this under a greenhouse works very if you can put plastic on the inside before putting the dirt in. otherwise you’ll be watering it more than you need to.
  • Canadian laws now permit growing cannabis 4 plants per household. but there seems to be a lack of growing stuff so you kinda have to fend for yourself and get the seeds and equiptment/advice you need from somewhere else. pollin is even hard to find globally for some reason online.
  • itd be nice to setup a growing network of people that can share cannabis with eachother. review system / chat / social media. i’ve found something similar on facebook.
  • 4 ruderallis plants it may be easy to get away with 150 watts but 400 would be ideal for the flowering stage.
  • great start for 2019 . very nice read has some pictures about hemp uses.

From seed to harvest

  • Germinate seeds, I have seen this done in tampons paper towel and TP on a plate covered with ceran wrap or just straight water(not most recommended) but may work better for hard to germinate seeds. I like to get them at about 1 inch long using paper towel method. as a last resort crack the seed by hand and resume soaking.
  • cuttings are usually done by placing cuttings in a cup of water dipped with rooting hormone (liquid or powder). (i have seen willow bark boiled used suposedly good for headaches too) i did not have alot of luck with it though. you can usually spot the white bumps forming.

Planting / Transplanting

  • Start with smaller 2 1/2″ cube trays of dirt or red solo cups(i’ve grown complete ruderallis plants using red cups with holes in the bottoms before) once they are rootbound transplanting is really hard, the roots on the outside turn yellow so be sure to break up the roots or make cut into the root system a bit when transplanting.
  • good dirt miracle grow stuff with vermiculite bit of peatmoss or those coconut starter disks, regular garden/black/compost dirt. mix some up it should have good drainage / water retention.
  • poke a hole with device or finger drop in germinated seed and push around the sides to snug it up burry the head about 1/4 inch from the top. they chase gravity and heat so dont worry too much about orientation when dropping them in. add water before putting in seeds to make sure they stay where you put them.
Image result for coconut grow disks
this plug expands pretty big, fully plantable too

cloth sacks work really well if your to be growing larger plants. they can be 3-4 feet around if you need a plant that can make a few LB worth of herb. when transplanting burry the first set of leafs maybe the second set too if you like. and the stock will turn into more roots.

Image result for cloth sacks planting

Grow lights and mylar . you wont need too much for the first bit of growth. HPS can boost the plant a bit off the start but you’d be better off to go with compact flourescent or LED(cf is more efficient) for the initial veging stage untill the plant is large enough to catch alot of the rays of the HPS(hps are most efficient at growing for flowering and later veg stages). The difference was shorter plant with thicker stems. you can use a cardboard box with mylar hotglued to inside to start the plants. I’ve even used that method with 150 watt HPS bulb and proper ventelation(fans in the top and side) also you will want a good fan blowing on the seedlings to make them stronger also good idea to bend shake them a bit. some also pinch the stocks to make them thicker. some say you can get 1 gram of ganga per watt of lighting roughly.

pruning is also easy if you trim a shoot top then 2 branches will grow out where the last internode was. good if you want to make bushy plants and tie back the branches.

Image result for tying back the branches cannabis
its nice to catch asmuch of the light as possible by leaving the inner leafs. this picture looks like it was just freshly trimmed.

Sativa and Indica variety like to have regular lighting, so you veg them at 18-6 6-8 weeks then switch to 12/12 hopefully if you did not mess with the lighting too much they will start flowering. they can hermie or never reach flowering stage if the lighting is messed with too much depending on genetics(this is non issue with ruderallis).

Its good to watch for yellowing on the upper leafs and tips that usually means the plant is low on nutrients. its normal for the bottom most leafs to do that because they are not needed or are not getting enough light. basically if you can keep the plant looking good it has enough nutrients, its not a good idea to overdo fertilizer and the more organic the better usually. (fish poop , bone-meal, molasses) 30/30/30 miracle grow crystals work good too for outdoor plants a couple times during the grow.

When finished growing just dry the herb in a nice cardboard box or paper bag , hanging baskets are only 25 dollars for 8 deviders on amazon. I like to leave the buds on the branches so they are not touching eachother as much. pick the buds off/ trim the sugar leaf off if you like and place them into a glass jar. (if there is much moisture it’ll probably go mouldy so make sure its dry enough for it)

After a successful grow you’ll have a good idea of how the process works.

Something to watch for with regular or 3d printed aquaponics system is contamination a bit of anything bacteria or even mr clean and its wrecked. you’ll notice the green hydro taste to it almost like smoking moss or green algae taste its the way greenhouses smell sometimes with that green crusty mossy looking stuff around really zink or iron smelling.

amazing wonder material is said to be 300x stronger than wood and carbon negative crop that can grow in 3 or 4 months. car and insulation made from hemp, very informative video.
hempcrete mixture of lime and hemp hurds.
hemprope 3mm twine can hold 170 lb
cannabis seeds can last more than 10 years in canadian climates even indoors aeroponics growing, looks great for starting clones then transplanting to dirt to enjoy the benifits dirt can offer (taste, forgiveness and also better environtment for the plant to stretch how it wants.) something like this with 3d printed parts even may work if finished properly. but dont leave it filled with water treat it more like a flood table to  give the roots more air and prevent rott. one of these on a sun tracker with a hydraulic lifter or tilter plate(tilt after watering). also a greedy cup in every tube and cascade water from the top. growing tomatoes on only 5 watts of power, this could be further improved to use 10 watts and either hydro or aeroponics setup.
smoking the finished product should be easy to see if you flushed everything properly and grew it properly. sometimes the bowls will not burn when it has alot of fertilizer left in it you should have white ash when done(when you cant keep a joint lit because there is too much fertilizer dont smoke it). too much magnesium sometimes can cause little sparks to come from the joint while smoking. pretty extensive collection and most of it geared towards cold Canadian climate. extending growing season and protecting crops (mini greenhouses from 1inch plastic pipe.) free water pump for irrigation. grow your own lettuce 10 heads per week.
THC extraction
solventless thc extraction preferred, use a rosin press with high temperature , a ju1cebox for example or a simple 5 ton press can usually run you 400 dollars
for making oil from shake and somewhat junk weed use butane – 4-5 grams of oil per oz of weed usually. everclear also works great for making hash even from an ashtray full of roaches and old bowls + a bit of good weed.( i used to use a shotglass + lamp for this before weed was legal) vacuum chamber for making cannabis BHO   – its the best when the butane is clean.
nice to almost fully dry the cannabis before placing it into the jar for curing, if you leave it wet you’ll have to cure it then redry before placing back into the jar before it molds probably 4 or 5 days near a furnace vent.
does make a difference in the taste like smelling a fresh bag of weed has an extra cushon of smell to what it can do to your nose.
super store sells amazingly great jars for 10 dollars and smaller ones for 8