Month: November 2021

netpipe November 30, 2021

someone should sell these pnumatic actuators on ebay for 10-15 dollars each. would be great for mechanical arcade games and those who 3d print.

netpipe November 26, 2021

Hack a Day – Automated Air Cannon Shoots Smoke Rings Hack a Day – A Guide To Designing A Custom RC Controller Hack a Day – A One-Servo Mechanical Seven-Segment Display Hack a Day – Treasure Hunting with a Handful of Common Components Hack a Day – Vacuum “Tube” Might Replace GPS One Day Hack […]

netpipe November 24, 2021

in a world full of Onomatopoeia’s the noise nerds seem to be making is lazer noises, where things like programmers and artists can make world changing things daily. instead of real lasers we have solid metaphorical creations to extend an earth day even more. as the need for programmers and other jobs decreases makes one […]

netpipe November 12, 2021

change the world and make a new  mac and cheese vending machine or  supermarket sized boxes that can cook in 10 min from starting room temp water on a hotplate and bringing to a boil within 10 min. maybe those more floppy noodles would work possibly the same ones from microwavable kd in 4 minutes […]

netpipe November 10, 2021

Next Big Future – Elon Musk Selling 10% of Tesla to Pay Taxes Next Big Future – FCC filing for 4500 More Amazon Satellites Green Car Congress – Researchers demonstrate AZ31 magnesium alloy foils as thin anodes for rechargeable magnesium batteries Green Car Congress – Embark to use NVIDIA DRIVE for Embark Universal Interface for […]

netpipe November 8, 2021

Hack a Day – Solar Cells, Half Off Hack a Day – This Robot Can’t Keep Its Eyes Off The Money Hacker News – The Biodegradable Battery Hacker News – All-in-one quantum key distribution system makes its debut Hacker News – Playstation 5 root keys obtained Hacker News – Aaron Swartz Rememberance Day This Monday […]

netpipe November 7, 2021

get a flatdeck trailer 16 footer or so and then put a truck camper on it permanently and put your quads and stuff on the back. was amazed when my parents brought one home, ide never seen them combo’d like that before.