Alternate Energy  could cause problems shipping across the boarder. might be great for golfcart /bike project or homepower.,-work,-and-heat/celsius-heat-units-to-joules great for finding heavy equipment like brick making machines


Automated Food Production (free food each month)

automated food production organization like a church which the members/benefactors pay 10% tithe of their income if any for guarenteed food every month. marx mart.(ideas were borrowed from marxist communism) also you could get your members to fill out surveys or votes.

could even be built using taxes collected from marijuana sales. or if people donate $1 dollar towards it optionally when buying cannabis. get million people to give $1 and you have a million dollars

when the power to grow is free then the sustainability part comes easy. (takes the grocery store out of the equation making things like covid and illness less of an issue)

  • tomatos
  • butter
  • lettuice
  • crutons
  • cookies
  • pita bread to keep it compact in the pails also have seen it keep upto 2 months
  • baconbits
  • eggs
  • weiners /balognie
  • strawberrys
  • mushrooms
  • genetically modified asparagus ?
  • potato/carrot chips or instant potatos
  • cannabis edibles / raw herb
  • canned goods/strawberrys for extra money. toppings / canned potato/ carrot powder , eggwhites, condensed milk

reusable 5 gallon pails for delivery options / 1 pail with lettuice and mushrooms / other pail with the rest in layers. food grade coating in metal pails. also buy options for refilable pails for milled flower and rolled oats maybe split pail that has both for 5 dollars. 5 bushels will fill half a truck box can be found for 3 dollars per bushel. some bushels weigh 40-70 lb. for wheat 36.7440 bushels per tonne and rates are set at 100 dollars per ton

sunbelt in British Columbia or closer to the us boarder. hydropower could work too.(gravitational vortex hydropower can run yearround) or underwater screw turbines(fish safe) since led lighting technology is improving with quantum dot technology they can be mass produced for very low cost and could still be able to compete with HPS efficiency. fiberoptics could also be a great option. article says seawater can even be used giving the lettuce more minerals than regular.

as a guess 6′ x 6′ could hold 100 heads of lettuice stacked by 10 could yeild 1000 heads

potato’s might have the potential to be harvested leaving the tops to keep growing as an established plant afterwards


  • rocket stoves
  • underground houses
  • pallet houses
  • windmills
  • hydro
  • solar

Great Links has neat articles related to survival and environments

New water-based battery offers large-scale energy storage



20kw worth of wind and probably 10 worth of solar from a semi trailer sized unit.