About Me

About Me

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Raised in Alberta as a hillbilly, bit of a farmer / technology enthusiast.

I was hit in head with shopping cart as a baby in womb and dropped on my head twice after fell off the deep freeze then fell off a bicycle childseat.

Have always been an energy enthusiast, figured out how to talk with other smart people using forums and IRC (internet relay chat). Started collecting everything I could find linux for many years, the strangest part is how solitary nerd work is (There was no one else around locally with enough interest to share/learn IT with, In high school I was kinda the goto guy for it too very odd because it was new and hip then too.).

Watched the electronics scene evolve the satellite pirate scene then evolve into the arduino electronics scene we have today with 3d printing and ways to easily engineer anything.

2014 had been a strange year for me, one of my grampas had passed while I was doing renovations to my trailer. ontop of getting too much black mold ide been playing with pyramid and brain frequency’s (bineural beats) while modifying sleep cycles and playing with sciatic pain. became more spiritual/enlightened with alot of fun crazyness aswell. (not the most recommended)

Its now 2018 and sometimes reality seems more like a game of poker. with homebrew AI friends around the corner im not sure where this adventure goes but it looks ok still.