Month: August 2021

netpipe August 29, 2021

inspired by syntec and the movie “dont blink” i think this is what the bamboo trap could have looked like. mainly because a 4 foot circular trap door with a pusher is harder to do outside. if they used an airhocky like door the leaves and rocks could be sucked to it while it dumps […]

netpipe August 18, 2021

“and i herd a voice amongst the 4 beasts and i looked and behold a pale white horse,and his name that said on him was death and hell followed with him” lithium in the air might be vaporizing our water supply into space and causing no rain.   Tesla’s Megapack Battery Burned for […]

netpipe August 17, 2021

recently I found a way to disable the microphone on LG k4 phones… take out the bottom 3 screws then use a screwdriver to remove the first transistor in the visible round hole. I tried putting a pin through it without avail. used the voice recording app it came with to test out if its […]

netpipe August 16, 2021

  I found this locally in Drayton valley the project 863 on youtube seems to be legit and there are alot of companies leftover after  Nelson Brothers(the guys who shipped it ?),Synteccon, Synopec Daylight (or sins delight ?)  etc… if you look at Nordegg and compare it to the Santa Clarita you’ll see that its […]

netpipe August 15, 2021 amazing concept, passout at 3 g’s and at 10g’s you die. each loop would be a huge pop on the brain likely on the upward gravity shift.

netpipe August 15, 2021

forgot to mention on my site after posting on youtube sometimes but ide seen space is -270 C or -455 F and a superconducting nano ribbon would likely cool down alot if we learned to use them.

netpipe August 15, 2021

Ford’s 2022 Maverick pickup will rival the fuel efficiency of a Honda Civic   a great example of fords ingenuity glad to see the hybrid pickup market is going strong. i cant wait to see what other hybrids appear.

netpipe August 14, 2021

according to the last 6 years of my life telepaths have been trying to make me get rid of telepathy by making it horrible to get by because the game is so hard they cant use it on eachother anymore and halgol and resperidone dont seem to help with the problem. hopefully someone can come […]

netpipe August 14, 2021

due to dolphin attacks that sound like chrismas bells jingling at the same time or tire chains on big trucks while tinnanitus(basically what you should do to your ears to go a bit deaf if your going to battle it with technology “sound analyzer free” (was the apps name) is going on to talk to […]