would be neat one day if there was a way to debug the hardware memory and compare it to what the computer sees. to make more secure computing environments and prevent bios viruses.

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Best Computer Chair.

A great computer chair, has lasted almost 20 years only the hydraulic cylinder was replaced. I outgrew how high the arm rests go, it collects dust inside the seat so I had made an incision near the front used to clean it out a garden hose once a year would work too. has mesh bottom so it is easier on the back and never makes hard spots on the ass.

If you still have back issues put a soft towel folded in half on the seat part. great for those 12-16 hour days when your still young or 10ish hours for old people. $340 CDN

Update the backrest was the next peice to break, I used some 3d printed tslot and threadrod to fix it while I wait on a new one.

to fix these keyboards put paper between the pcb and back also  different modes of scroll from 2 different models one has verticle sidescroll enabled and the other seems to be older with no way to horizontal scroll